The Unforgotten: #532 – Adonal Foyle

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 has a ranking of the Top 535 NBA players of all time. Instead of featuring the guys at the top, which everyone already knows a ton about, we are going to start at the bottom and drop some knowledge on you about the players that “work hard”, could have been draft busts, or you remember because they often got posterized. This list of players will be know as “The Unforgotten”. Luckily for them, we don’t forget. We aren’t going to include super old players because no one cares about them. Without further adieu we’ll kick it off with #532 – Adonal Foyle.

Back in 94′ Foyle was a McDonald’s All American with the likes of Danny Fortson, Antoine Walker, Felipe Lopez, Trajan Langdon (bonus points if you remember his nickname), and Raef LaFrentz. He is the only player from Colgate to play in the NBA since 1965. He was drafted 8th overall by the Warriors and promptly rewarded them by starting 1 game in his first two years and averaged only 3.0 ppg. Amazingly, despite the fact that he never scored more than 5.9 ppg in a season, he stayed on with the Warriors for 10 seasons. 10…Freaking 10! If you don’t remember anything else about Adonal Foyle then just remember him by this shot:


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