Today’s Sports Birthdays are the greatest group ever

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dale-earnhardt-jay-cutlerToday’s sports birthdays are like an orgy at Wilt Chamberlain’s house. There’s stuff going on everywhere. Normally one athlete rises above the rest but today we’ve got a ton of them. I believe that this is the greatest all around day of sports birthdays that we’ve ever had.

Let’s start out with one that is near and dear to my and all other participants of #randomathlete heart: God Shammgod. True to the theme of Bacon Sports he gets first billing. He is the gold standard for #randomathlete and is thrown out so often that he is now just like a common card.

Before we get to the other heavy hitters I’ll sprinkle in some other #randomathlete’s that were born on April 29: Tony Armas Jr (who I thought was going to be the next great Cy Young award winner back in the day), John Vander Wal, “Cu Jo” Curtis Joseph, Browning Nagle, and two sports star athlete Josh Booty. I’d also like to give a shout to the recently injured David Lee (get well soon, I love his crashing on the boards). He’s not random but he’s been in the news recently so that’s good enough for me.

Also celebrating a birthday today is two of Chicago’s highest profile athletes: Jay Cutler and Jonathan Toews. Cutler can’t win with the fans or the media and Toews is seen as the consumate leader. Include me in the boat that thinks that Jay Cutler has what it takes to take the Bears to the Super Bowl. They just need to keep him upright a little more and his decision making needs to get slightly better (not a ton, which would be asking a lot, just slightly).

Last but certainly not least is Dale Earnhardt. We all know how awesome Dale Earnhardt was so I’m not going to dive into that. Instead I’m going to tell you about how in college we named our foosball table Dale Earnhardt Memorial Stadium and had a picture of him hanging up on the wall overlooking the table. That way every time we played foosball, which was daily, we got to give the Intimidator some dap.

Driving on our way down to Panama City for Spring Break we noticed tons of trucks with a Dale Earnhardt 3 sticker on their window. A few days, 15 beers, and a bunch of Bicardi Limon in a group of us got the brilliant idea to call ourselves the Rigma’s (after Zach Morris and Saved by the Bell) and get airbrushed shirts that said “Rigmas” on the front and then had a Giant 3 with a checkered flag on the back. Yep, that’s what Dale Earnhardt means to me. To honor DE (as we called him) here’s a video of Zach Morris pledging the Rigmas.



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