Today’s Sports Birthdays headlined by Dino Radja

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dino-radja-birthdayFor a while now I’ve been giving our Twitter and Facebook fans sports birthdays of the day. Typically it’s of a random athlete, if possible, that is nostalgic and will test your sports knowledge a bit. Some days just aren’t as strong as others and I’ve got to go with someone mainstream. Today was not one of those days.

The sports birthdays for April 24 were plentiful. We’ve got Carlos Beltran, Chipper Jones, Omar Vizquel, Lee Westwood, and Kris Letang. However, there was one athlete who stood above the rest. That is none other than former Boston Celtics forward Dino Radja.

Dino Radja was a beast in his four short years with the Celtics. He averaged 16.7 ppg and 8.4 boards for his career. Here is video mix showing some of his best highlights.


Rob Cressy

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