Major Dilemma for a Yinzer Penguins fan in Ottawa

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Penguins fan in Ottawa

Penguins fan in Ottawa

Last night the Pittsburgh Penguins woke up and staved elimination as they destroyed the Philadelphia Flyers 10-3. To say that this game was big for the Penguins and their fans is an understatement.

After watching that gem of a hockey game I flipped over to the New York Rangers @ Ottawa Senators game that was in overtime. The Senators ended up winning and while everyone was celebrating and going nuts I noticed something. There was a yinzer in the first row along the glass who was rocking a Penguins jersey. Considering that the crowd was 99.99% Ottawa Senators fans I wondered how in the world this happened and what the mindset was of the Penguins fan to go to the Senators/Rangers game instead of watching the Penguins in a potential elimination game.

Here’s what I think went down:

There is no doubt that the guy in the Penguins jersey is a yinzer. Only y’inzers wear Pittsburgh gear in arenas when their team isn’t even playing. This yinzer is a transplant and lives in Ottawa. His neighbor/buddy/coworker ended up scoring unreal seats and asked him to go to the game. It’s not often that you get the opportunity to sit in the first row on the glass next to the bench ever, none the less during the NHL playoffs. Even the biggest Penguins fan would have a hard time turning these seats down. This yinzer decided that if he was going to do this then he’d let the rest of yinzernation know that even though he’s at this game his heart is really with the Penguins. I’m guessing that he used his 4g phone to stream the Penguins/Flyers game while he was in these seats. That way he had the best of both worlds. I salute you yinzer in the Penguins jersey in Ottawa. Your choice to not watch the Penguins game at home/in a bar may be questionable but at least you kept it real by wearing your Penguins gear in a sea of red.

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