50 days worth of the best random jerseys captured

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random-jersey-front-3Baconators, it’s been a while. We pride ourselves on being the number one site for all your random jersey and hoopster needs and we’ve let you down. We got busy planning the Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration, took some time off DeSean Jackson style, and weren’t able to keep up with the flow of amazing random jerseys that were sent in to us. Sure we retweeted and commented on them on Twitter, but you deserve more. And we expect more out of ourselves. That’s why I’m giving you the last 50 days worth of random jerseys that were sent in, all in one post.

As always, if you see a random jersey or crazy custom jersey on the street take a pic and tweet it to us @BaconSports. We are going to be like Andrew Bynum Steph Curry after a little time off. We are going to be dropping bombs from way downtown.


twizzler man dolphins jersey

This Dolphins fan got creative with his old Karim Abdul-Jabbar jersey and turned it into a shrine to his favorite candy. I think.

rick mirer seahawks jersey

So the joke starts, “A chick, Rick Mirer and Andrew Luck were at the bar…”

boozer bengals jersey

Every time I see someone rocking a custom 69 jersey I can’t help but think that someone somewhere has actually slept with that guy. Maybe I’m the weird one for not understanding the power, grace, and awesomeness of rocking a 69 Boozer Bengals jersey.

priest holmes wayne chrebet jerseys

It’s good to know that Priest Holmes and Wayne Chrebet are best friends.

richie incognito dolphins jersey

You sure have to be a dick to own and rock a Richie Incognito Dolphins jersey.

veron haynes steelers jersey

This might be one of the best and worst Steelers jerseys we’ve ever seen. Verron Haynes was a special teams/3rd down back. What, were they out of Erric Pegram jerseys?

cade mcnown bears jersey

Cade McNown’s career record as the starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears: 3-12. He was also selected four picks before Jevon Kearse.

super bowl steelers jersey

Freakying yinzers.

andre rison browns jersey

Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.

yatil green dolphins jersey

That’s a Yatil Green Dolphins jersey that looks to be made of mesh. Gotta keep it breathable in the hot Miami sun. By the way, great seats.

hard on browns jersey

I get it. Hard On. Boner. Trent Richardson sucks. Browns fans can be so cleaver.

joe jurevicius browns jersey

This is actually Joe Jurevicus.

jeff garcia browns jersey

Times be tough for Browns fans, my goodness.

lee roy hoard browns jersey

Just picture Chris Berman saying, “LEEEEROY HOARD (then he makes that sound where he’s running into things, ala Mike Alstott)”

seneca wallace packers jersey

The lady at JoAnn Fabrics that helped this dude create this Seneca Wallace Packers jersey needs to step up her craftsmanship game.

anthony henry browns jersey

That’s an Anthony Henry Browns jersey. He had 10 INT’s his rookie season, which led the NFL. Earlier this year Henry was in a movie titled “Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn” staring Ice-T and Ja Rule.

jamaal anderson falcons jersey

At least Jamal Anderson isn’t sniffing cocaine off a toilet seat any longer.

lil daddy lsu jersey

I’ll assume this is to pay homage to the song “Lil Daddy” by Juvenile. YMCMB.

jermaine wiggins vikings jersey

His Visanthe Shiancoe jersey must have been dirty.

keyshawn johnson cowboys jersey

Keyshawn Johnson attempted 3 passes while with the Dallas Cowboys. He went 0 for 3 with an INT.

lots of jerseys

Expired jersey central.

panthers tight end jersey

This jersey makes no sense at all. She’s aware enough of a fan to pay to get a custom “Tight End” jersey made, yet she chose “Tight End” as her name plate. Lame.

tippett patriots jersey

Andre Tippett could ball hard. Props for the Patriots throwback jersey.

mike piazza marlins jerseys

Mike Piazza. Not gay.

awful dual hockey jersey

It amazes me the level of craftsmanship that people will put towards creating a custom jersey despite the fact that the idea is completely stupid. This is a great example of it.

barry sanders lions jersey

Retirement has taken its toll on Barry Sanders.

ben coates patriots jersey blue

Ben “Winter” Coates.

bill laimbeer pistons jersey

True story. A friend of mine from the D said that it’s a known fact that Bill Laimbeer has never cheated on his wife. You can’t make something like that up.

drew bledsoe patriots jersey

I’m a big fan of these Patriots jerseys. It’s like someone just learned how to create very large graphics.

finkle dolphins jersey

Insert the most obvious quote here.

patrick surtain dolphins jersey

Is it Patrick Sur-tan or Patrick Sur-tain?

shockey jordan jerseys


tim tebow patriots jersey

More questionable decision: the Tim Tebow Patriots jersey or the cargo khaki shorts?

verlander jersey

Captured at a Dolphins game. Obviously.

larry csonka dolphins jersey

Popping champagne like we won a championship game.





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