G Force Era Wilboning in Packerland

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aaron-rodgers-g-force-jerseyWhat we have here is a customized Aaron Rodgers jersey that is giving dap to something called G Force. My initial reaction was that he was giving a shout out to Warren G’s Regulate but then I remembered Nate Dogg was rapping about the G-Funk era, funked out with a gangsta twist, not the G Force era.

Upon doing some research it appears that there is a Green Bay Packers song called G-Force. Take a listen.


I can’t say that this is what I expected to hear. It seems to be cut out of the same mold as Saliva’s Click Click Boom, for those rock fans out there.

Also, shout out to this dude for very aggressively Wilboning his jersey into his jeans. The message he’s sending up top is “Football party” but down low it says “I’m still sensible.” Now excuse me while I go shopping for a new wardrobe at Sears.

H/T: @Doszak

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