Athletes that enjoy ribs and were on the Wall of Fame

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kevin mchale nba hoops card

Last weekend I went to Twin Anchors, which is one of the most famous ribs restaurants in Chicago.  Since it is a hot spot that gets frequented by celebrities and athletes a like they have a lot of pictures, signatures, and memorabilia on the walls (note: this isn’t some trendy type of place, it has more of a neighborhoody/we’ve been here for ever type of feel). Seeing as how I can barely go ten seconds without thinking about sports I thought it would be fun to show you which athletes made their Wall of Fame.

William Perry football card

Crazy that the best ribs place in Chicago would have William “The Refrigerator” Perry on their wall. This seemed like as much of a lock as Delonte West getting into an altercation or arrested again within the next 12 months. You can tell that this is from at least 20 years ago as a Filet Mignon only costs $9.95. I can’t imagine how many of those the Fridge would have devoured.

dan hampton football card

This Dan Hampton Pro Set card sure takes me back to the glory days of collecting cards. Too bad ProSet weren’t worth squat. Why have NFL players stopped wearing neck rolls? Brian Cox looked way more bad ass when he was rocking his.

bobby hull hockey card

This Bobby Hull card is from the good old days when Gary Bettman wasn’t locking the NHL out all the time. In those days they actually played games. Crazy concept, huh? Hull’s nickname was “The Golden Jet” because of his flowing blonde locks, crazy skating speed, and wicked slapshot.

kevin mchale nba hoops card

I have a hard time putting Kevin McHale in my NBA Top 50 of all time because he looks like someone that should be playing ball with my Dad at the Y. Sure he was unreal on the low post but all you have to do is look at this NBA Hoops card and you’ll see what I mean. He has zero muscle definition and he’s wearing not one but two knee braces/pads. Throw in some boys size medium shorts and you have the opposite of an imposing athlete. If he wasn’t dribbling a basketball I’d have thought that he was playing volleyball. Obviously I’m not serious that I wouldn’t put him in my Top 50 but I can think of few players where their performance on the court/field were so much better than their actual appearance portrayed (maybe Jared Lorenzen at Kentucky). Can you? If so drop it in the comments section.

Notice that the price of the Filet Mignon is up to $13.95 here.

mark grace upper deck card

I’ve already talked about some of the best things that Mark Grace has said and done so I won’t rehash that. Instead I’m going to show you a video of nothing but Mark Grace grabbing his junk while playing baseball. Why or how someone came up with that idea I have no clue.

Tom Candioti baseball card

Nice to see “The Candy Man” Tom Caniotti make an appearance.  For you young tikes that don’t remember the Candy Man he was a knuckleballer that played for what seemed like 100 years for five different teams.  His career was very similar to RA Dickey’s minus the crazy year that Dickey had this year.  What you probably don’t know about the Candy Man is that he is an avid bowler and in 2007 was inducted to the International Bowling Museum’s Hall of Fame.  What I found most interesting was that he always travels with his bowling ball. Can you imagine lugging that around in your carry on every time you are going to go somewhere. No thanks.

rick dempsey baseball card

Apparently Rick Dempsey got the memo about Movember way before any of us. That is a stache’ to be proud of.

mike keenan picture

We’ve got another Mo’Bro among us. Mike Keenan is best known for being as easy to work with as a gorilla on acid. To say that he had a propensity to switch goalies often would be like saying that Nate Newton only dabbled in selling drugs. In game 4 of the first round of the 1987 playoffs he pulled his goalies five different times. Yes, five. You don’t have to be Barry Melrose to know that switching goalies that often in the middle of a playoff series likely isn’t the best idea.

dusty baker card

After eating a delicious ribs dinner nothing caps off a meal better than the reminder of Dusty Baker and how he managed the young Cubs pitchers. Mark Prior has thrown 130 pitches thru seven innings? Lets see if he can get the complete game. Kerry Wood has thrown 125 through five innings? I’m sure he can gut out a few more outs. A simple Google search gives you the following:

dusty baker ruins google search

If not for Dusty Baker the Chicago Cubs might have actually been able to enjoy Mark Prior and Kerry Wood in their primes.

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