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awesomesportslogos-frontI dig awesome sports t-shirts and love to support brands that deliver a unique, high quality product. Say hello to, a men’s premium clothing brand featuring the greatest sports logos around. These logos aren’t of actual sports teams, but instead of fictional ones that have a history and meaning for the city that they are created for. They partnered up with us for our Best Ball Masters Challenge and are doing some cool things that I thought you’d love. I took a few minutes to talk to their founder, Gavin Spittle, to about his brand, his brackets, and his sports fandom.

Q: What is the inspiration behind the different logos? Is there a specific process you go through to come up with them?

A: We never want to force a logo on a city just to have that city covered. We’ll get there eventually as far as your city. Sometimes we start with a city and thoroughly research the history involved. The New York Zouaves were one of the first volunteer fighting regimens to represent the state in the civil war. We think history is awesome and several of our logos have amazing history.

The second factor is the name. Zouaves and Doughboys are cool names and they also roll off the tongue well with their respected cities. I think certain names are funny like Kumquats and Scrod and Chupacabras. When the name comes first, we then find a matching city. Dade City holds a Kumquat festival each January, Cape Cod is a huge fishing area and there have been alleged Chupacabra sightings in New Mexico. It’s truly a fun process. Then there are those area names that you just can’t ignore like Intercourse Pennsylvania and Climax Virginia. The name says it all, those places are awesome! Intercourse is where the Academy award winning movie Witness with Harrison Ford was filmed and Climax hosts a bluegrass festival each year.

portlandQ: What are the top two or three selling shirts?

A: Cocksville Blockers is far and away our top selling t-shirt. It’s also our only made up city. The name was just too good to overlook so we made an exception. Our second t-shirt would be the Brooklyn LegBreakers. I love the detail in this logo with NY in the hockey stick tape and the Brooklyn Bridge in the backdrop. The 3rd seller and quickly climbing up the charts is the Portland Tree Huggers. I’m a hockey fanatic and there is no way I would drop the gloves against this tree. He means business.

DanicaPatrickpicQ: Ever have any celebrity or famous person (or completely random athlete) wear one? I saw you have a pic of Danica Patrick on the site, tell me more about that.

A: All of the above. The reception from athletes has been awesome! Lets start with the Danica Patrick picture. The guy next to him is Kenny Sargent who hosts a terrific nationally syndicated motorsports show called the SpeedFreaks. He loves the concept and takes it upon himself to take pictures around drivers and celebs. I’m speechless with that kind of support.

Three time Super Bowl Champion Ted Johnson wears our gear as does retired NFL veteran Seth Payne, ND Kalu and Dan Pastorini. These guys have been extremely supportive. Random athlete would be former NBA center Tom Piotrowski who was drafted in 1983 by the Portland TrailBlazers. Tom is 7’1 so we did a special order for him and he loves his super long, super soft t-shirt.

Q: Our audience would probably like to know more about the person/people who are the brains behind this. Where’d the premise come from? Any words of advice for aspiring tshirt designers?

A: My name is Gavin Spittle and I am addicted to sports logos. I always have been. I remember as a kid drawing and tracing various sports logos. The more obscure, the more I enjoyed them. To be honest, the passion turned into a frustration over the years as sports logos became too politically correct and vanilla. Sports logos lost their originality and history with that origin. No longer do you see awesome names like the Macon Whoopie! The Atlanta Braves are one of many teams that have mirrored their major league logo.

I get the cross branding aspect but great sports logos are truly a lost art. We decided to do something about that and we are trying to revive that art with Awesome Sports Logos. Our t-shirts are certainly not “PC”, some are funny, some are historic, a lot have innuendo but they are all relatable to that city or area. My wife majored in fashion merchandise and she has been extremely supportive. I couldn’t have taken on this project without her support. Plus she shares the same sense of humor as I do.

Sports Logos should be fun and cool. My advice to aspiring t-shirt designers is to be yourself. Your passion should exude onto your t-shirts. You can have the coolest design but if you put it on lower quality t-shirt, you aren’t doing your customers any favors. We don’t make as much money as we probably could but the people that wear our t-shirts also say it’s their favorite t-shirt in their closet not just because of the logo but because of the quality and softness of the tee. You have to complete the package.

Q: How’d your March Madness bracket turn out?

A: Like everyone else, awful. I did pick Harvard in the first round upset so the Crimson gave me some first week gloating. This year there were some terrific stories and we need more of that in college basketball. I remember watching Danny Manning as a freshman play for Kansas in the title game. I was excited because I knew that I would be able to watch him for a few years to come. That’s no longer the case. It’s one and done for most of the pro prospects.

Q: Give us a random athlete (the more random the better).

A: Tommy Holmes of the Boston Braves. In 1945, Holmes won the NL Home Run title with 28 Home Runs while striking out only 9 times. That’s not a typo, 9 times! He also hit .352 that year yet finished 2nd in the MVP voting to the Cubs Phil Cavarretta. Can you imagine the contract Tommy Holmes would get for that kind of season today?

Q: What’s the greatest live sporting event you’ve been to?

A: Live sporting event would be Game 6 of the 2008 Western Conference Semi Finals between the Dallas Stars and the San Jose Sharks. The game ended in the 4th overtime and it’s the longest game in Sharks history. Marty Turco made 61 saves in the win. The game started at 7 pm and ended in the 1am hour Monday morning. The crowd started standing in overtime 1 and nobody sat back down. Those guys left it on the ice that night.

I was too young to be there but the 1980 Olympic win over Russia is my greatest sports memory. They not only went on to win the gold, they changed the emotions of our country and instilled tremendous pride. Amazing to think that the game was tape-delayed. Don’t think the game would have the same effect with today’s social media.

Q: What’s the lowest point of your sports rooting career?

A: My mother is from Bolton England and over the years, I have become a Bolton Wanderers fan. Last year on the last day of the Premier League, they were relegated to a lower league. We don’t get this emotion in American sports because there is anticipation for the next year. My team is now gone into another league. No more TV games and the only way to follow them is through the internet. Lower league equals lower money coming in so they got rid of a lot of their players. Relegation is an emotion in sports that I can’t describe. Imagine how things would change if American sports had this rule. The Astros would certainly be banished.

Q: Give us one thing in sports that you’d like to change.

A: The International Olympic Committee has lost touch. Dropping wrestling, a sport that dates back to the earliest Olympic games of 706 BC now has to compete with roller sports to be included. Don’t worry though, Olympic Race Walking is still going strong. Disgraceful! I know, it’s not a big story but history is being thrown out the window.

Q: Who’s your favorite announcer and why?

A: Kevin Harlan is truly special and is so good at football and basketball play by play. He’s got a great personality. R.I.P legendary Tigers announcer Ernie Harwell. Nobody called a baseball game like you did. Also a huge plug for north of the border. If you get a chance, check out the NHL channel on Saturday nights for Hockey Night in Canada. Coaches Corner with Ron MacLean and Don Cherry is must watch television.

So what are you waiting for, head over to and get yourself a sweet t-shirt. At checkout enter promo code “bacon” and you’ll get 20% off.


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