Bacon Photo Contest: Win a Sweet Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Final Hat

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chicago-blackhawks-hat-giveawayAfter last’s weeks Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Game 1 ticket contest that we ran went so well (that’s right, we gave away two tickets to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final) we wanted to keep the party going. Thanks to our good friends over at Wrigleyville Sports we are giving away three of these sweet Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Final hats. These hats are mesh flex fit from Reebok and feature the official 2013 Stanley Cup Final logo on the side. They are dope like seeing a DeLorean on the street or flipping the channel and Bloodsport is on. We are going to throw a photo contest and the top three entries will win one of these bad boys.

Here’s what we need from you/the details of the contest:

  • Send in a funny, random, creative, and/or unique picture involving BACON to That’s right, bacon must be in the picture somewhere (and no, we aren’t looking for you to go and find bacon pictures on Google. We want you to create it). Everything else is completely up to you. We run a sports comedy website that loves sports nostalgia, random jerseys, baseball cards, Top Gun, old school WWF wrestling, and playoff hockey (to name a few things) so if you send us something that has zero creativity in it you most certainly won’t win so save your entries where you are just holding a piece of bacon while wearing a Blackhawks shirt. That won’t fly.
  • Bonus points will be awarded if you have something Chicago Blackhawks in the picture. If you don’t have anything Blackhawks in your picture you are still OK, it’ll just need to be a little better than someone who has something equally cool but has something Blackhawks in it. Just making that clear.
  • Remember, we are giving away 3 hats so there will be 3 winners.
  • Entries need to be received by Saturday, June 22 at 6 pm (central). That’s a few hours before Game 5 in Chicago. We’ll be declaring a winner of the competition the morning of Monday, June 24 on our site as well as on Facebook and Twitter.
  • For those that aren’t good with directions, send your picture to Also, we will allow multiple entries (though each person can only win once).
  • Lastly, have fun with this. We aren’t asking you to shovel mulch while listening to Steve Francis song “Finer Things” on repeat. You get to eat bacon, create something awesome, and maybe win a cool hat.

By the way, don’t forget to JOIN THE BACON SPORTS EMAIL LIST to get notified of sweet contests that we run (like this one). That way you don’t miss out on some of the fun stuff we do and give away. Had you been on our email list you probably would have known about the Stanley Cup Final tickets we were giving away. This most certainly won’t be the last time that we give away tickets to something awesome. In case you missed it, JOIN THE BACON SPORTS EMAIL LIST!!!!!

Also throw a bone to our friends over at Wrigleyville Sports while you are at it. If you dig Chicago sports and like looking flyer than Craig Sager then Wrigleyville Sports is the place to get your gear. They are right across from Wrigley Stadium Field (sorry Jeff Gordon) so you can’t miss them.

Now get working on those photos and give us something hilarious or awesome!




Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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