Bo Jackson, a Will Clark Fight, and a few other sweet baseball videos

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will-clark-bo-jacksonI love baseball but watch games very infrequently. I’m more of a fantasy baseball, watch Baseball Tonight and MLB Network highlights, stat nerd type of fan (which could stem from me rooting for the Pirates). Here are 5 baseball videos that entertained me.

Will Clark fights Ozzie Smith and Jose Oquendo

Back in the day baseball fights used to be so much better. Unless Kyle Farnsworth or Carlos Quentin are involved it usually ends up being as physical as a wine social.

This is why Pirates fans liked Jose Lind

Today (May 1) is Jose Lind’s birthday. He only had 9 career home runs. At least he could jump over a person.

Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds being friendly

Number of guys that’s I’ve picked up while horsing around. Zero. Must be a steroids fraternity thing.

Best baseball swings in slow motion

No one has a sweeter swing than Ken Griffey Jr.

Bo Jackson amazing catch and throw

Ball. So. Hard. Damn Bo. How you gonna do Carlton Fisk like that?


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