Random jerseys captured at Chicago Cubs opening day

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Right now Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, and Jeff Samardzija are the most popular Chicago Cubs jerseys and rightfully so. They are the future of the Cubs. If you are a Cubs fan and you aren’t rocking one of their jerseys then it becomes a slippery slope unless you go old school Ryno or the Hawk.

Sammy Sosa looks like a good option except for the fact that he’s a juicer and is now whiter than Mark Madsen. I saw a bunch of Derrick Lee, Mark Prior, Ryan Theriot, and Kerry Wood jerseys floating around but rocking them is like driving a Ford Focus. There’s nothing special about it.

Like we always do we were on the lookout for the most random and bad jerseys that we could find. The jerseys we captured weren’t as putrid as what we captured at the Pirates vs Cubs opener but that may be due to the fact that aside from Andrew McCutchen there has been very little for Pirates fans to be excited about.


This jersey screams Wrigleyville Chicago Cubs fan.


This die-hard Cubs fan had the John McClane of customized jerseys. Those are patches from various major league teams including one from the 2003 All-Star game. This bad boy could take down Nakatomi Plaza.


This jersey is so awful/awesome. Jim Edmonds only played 85 games with the Cubs back in 2008 and is most known for being a St Louis Cardinal. I would have accepted someone buying a Felix Pie or Matt Murton Cubs jersey before Jim Edmonds.


This guy rocking the Dick Butkus Bears jersey and cargo shorts was standing on Waveland Ave hoping to catch batting practice home runs.


At first I thought that this was a Bronson Arroyo Cubs jersey. I couldn’t remember him playing for the Cubs but sometimes a player will make a pit stop that you don’t remember. I checked and he did not play for the Cubs. Then I realized that Anthony Rizzo wears number 44. I put two and two together and we have a customized last name Anthony Rizzo jersey. This is a major jersey fail.


It is always acceptable to rock the number 23 in Chicago especially if your name is Don Juan.


There were a lot of Cubs fans that were rocking old school jerseys. You know, from the good ole’ days. This is a Don Kessinger jersey. Kessinger was a light-hitting, defensive specialist from back in the 60’s and 70’s that was pretty baller.


This dude was a trip. He was selling baseball cards out of a suitcase (more on that later). He was coming hard in the paint as he was rocking a Dr J Roosevelt High School jersey. Respect.


Cubs fans like Kosuke Fukudome like German people love David Hasselhoff. In his time with the Cubs he was nothing more than an average hitter with little pop. I get that his name sounds like something that bros yell to girls when they are grinding at Moe’s after the game but come on. Still rocking his jersey is just pathetic.


This is one of my favorite Cubs jerseys as Greg Maddux was one of the few elite players that the Cubs have had in the last 25 years. In Maddux last season with the Cubs on his first go-around (1992) he went 20-11 with a 2.18 ERA, 1.01 WHIP, and 199 K’s. Ball so hard.


The best I could come up with on this one is that this guy isn’t a fan of Cubs owner Tom Ricketts.


The jersey that I enjoyed the most was this one. Way to give some dap to “The Red Baron” Rick Sutcliffe.


This is a great one for all you #randomathlete fans out there. In 1994 Tuffy Rhodes hit three opening day home runs at Wrigley off of Doc Gooden. To help put this amazing feat into perspective, Rhodes only had 13 career home runs.


We wrap up the day at Cubby Bear and see an Aaron Moorehead Colts jersey hanging up. I guess they couldn’t get their hands on an Austin Collie.


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