Chicago Cubs fans doing Harry Caray impressions at Opening Day

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harry-caray-frontThere are a few things in life that everyone can do. Very few of us actually practice them, we aren’t expected to be good at it, yet sometimes you just have a natural gift for it. Those things that I’m speaking of are doing the robot (the dance), doing an impression of Chewbacca, and doing an impression of Harry Caray.

Since we were in Wrigley for Cubs Opening Day it only seemed fit that we’d ask Chicago Cubs fans to give us their best Harry Caray impressions. Many Cubs fans were gun shy and wouldn’t step up to the plate but we were able to find a few brave souls that were willing to lend us their pipes for a few seconds to honor one of the most iconic baseball announcers of all time.


Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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