Burger King Prank Calls: Veggie Burger Complaint

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The Burger King Prank Calls are back with one of my all-time favorites. During the 3+ years of my pseudo-management position at Burger King, I received only one person calling to complain. With the “Have it Your Way” slogan there are endless ways to bitch about your order.

Nothing sucks more than dealing with a customer with a complaint. Now I hate shitty service as much as the next guy but there are some places that you’re just happy to get your food without a condom wrapper in it.

I am guessing this woman had just finished the night shift at the hospital and all she wanted was a hot-juicy veggie burger. Apparently it was not up-to-par and she did not get a receipt. So naturally she googled the phone number and got me posing as a hot shot 21 -year-old manager. Enjoy…

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Greg Hunter

Greg Hunter

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