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Business Hack: Fact About Me Of The Day

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fact about me of the day

Over 8 years ago I created a business hack that has allowed me to easily build rapport while doing sales prospecting and sending out emails. It’s called “Fact About Me of the Day” and it appears at the bottom of my email signature.


The concept is simple, write a new Fact About Me of the Day every day. The reason I do this is because it shows that I’m not just some sort of robot, which is especially important when you are doing sales. Many of the people I reach out to get hit up by tons of people every day. To try and separate myself from the herd I add my own personal touch that allows me to seem more human. On top of that, you never know when something you put in you Fact About Me of the Day actually resonates with someone and starts the conversation and gets them to respond back to you.

One of my Fact About Me of the Day a while ago was, “I want to go cage diving with sharks.” It just so happens that the CMO of the company I wanted to do business with had just gotten back from cage diving with sharks in South Africa and responded back telling me how awesome of an experience it was. We shot a few emails back and forth without even talking about what I was actually reaching out for. Once we finally did get to talking about the actual substance of the email some rapport had been built, the barriers were down, and the sales process was much easier.

By the way, I just went cage diving with great white sharks on my honeymoon and it was beyond amazing. Check out this video I shot from the cage.

For the people that I interact with on a regular basis Fact About Me of the Day is a way of allowing them to get to know me better, easier. People want to do business with people they like. I credit much of the success I’ve had in business to the relationships I’ve built and the ease at which I build rapport. Since it takes time to build relationships and get to know someone these one sentence Fact About Me of the Day are a way of continually working on that.

So what should you put in you Fact About Me of the Day? It can be literally anything you want. Remember, this is about you and giving others an opportunity to know you better. There’s 365 days in the year so you’ve got a lot of opportunities to mix it up. For me I do a combination of things I like or don’t like, sports observations, stuff from my childhood, pop culture, music, food, travel, pets, things that make me laugh, whatever. There are no rules to this, let your creativity shine.

The Fact About Me of the Day that got the greatest response was, “I would never buy anything from Jared’s because their commercials are awful.” That day I got five people who commented back telling me how they totally agree and can’t stand them either. Five responses might not seem like much but if you get one person to comment back about your Fact About Me of the Day it’s a great success. Five is an engagement and rapport building home run! Remember, the name of the game is building relationships.

From the feedback I’ve received people enjoy reading my Fact About Me of the Day. It’s quirky, different, and fun. I even get emails back asking why I didn’t change my Fact About Me of the Day from the day before (really). I couldn’t recommend this business hack enough as I’ve seen the good that can come from it.

Now it’s time for you to take action. I want you to tweet me a Fact About Me of the Day about you to @RobCressy on Twitter. It can be about anything, just do one and see how it feels. Hopefully after doing one you’ll feel compelled to do more. The people you do business with will thank you.


A while ago I decided to create a running list of my Fact About Rob Cressy of the Day so that if someone wanted to know more about me very quickly they could just scan through all the old ones. Well here’s that list. I update it daily. Enjoy.

  1. I just finished reading the book Extreme Ownership and it was incredible.
  2. I’m currently wearing a Hartford Whalers hat and Ric Flair shirt.
  3. I love tacos
  4. I made the fantasy football playoffs in only one of my three leagues.
  5. I just had one of the greatest basketball shooting mornings of my life today. I was wet like Steph Curry.
  6. I got my Christmas tree last night
  7. I lost in both of my college fantasy football championship games. One of them was by 4 points.
  8. I wear a hat every day.
  9. I’m in the championship game in both of my college fantasy football leagues.
  10. I just saw the newest Bond movie. It was good.
  11. I hit 32 free throws in a row at the gym yesterday
  12. I’m heading to South Carolina this weekend with 12 Dudes & 2 RV’s for our annual SEC Road Trip
  13. I ate bacon for breakfast this morning. It’s gonna be a good day.
  14. My current hairstyle is man bun-ish. This is at the encouragement of my wife. Gonna take some getting used to.
  15. I’m currently reading a book by John Wooden. It’s phenomenal.
  16. I hit 31 free throws in a row at the gym today. It’s been a great two days of shooting.
  17. I hit 41 free throws in a row at the gym today
  18. I recommend listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast with Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg
  19. I just started reading Jalen Rose book Got To Give The People What They Want
  20. I’m currently wearing a Ric Flair 4 President shirt. WOOO!
  21. I’m officially eliminated from my Survivor Pool thanks to the Arizona Cardinals.
  22. I’m currently reading Caron Butler’s bio “Tuff Juice”. It’s very entertaining.
  23. I was beyond impressed by the Bills defense in Week 1
  24. I just started reading The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz.
  25. I just finished reading the book Small Giants. It was good.
  26. I tried to get tickets for last night’s Blackhawks vs Lightning game but they were a minimum of $500/seat
  27. I had a lettuce wrap for only the second time in my life this weekend. It didn’t do it for me.
  28. I’m happy about the Bulls bringing on The Mayor. I think he’ll do a great job.
  29. I just finished listening to the audio book “Eat That Frog.” I highly recommend checking it out.
  30. I made pulled pork this week and it was the bomb
  31. I am currently taking an Advanced Writing For The Onion class at Second City
  32. I made 23 free throws in a row at the gym this morning
  33. Since going to South Africa I’ve added eating meat & cheese to my breakfast routine. It’s been fantastic.
  34. I’m a fan of Rickie Fowler and am glad to see him with The Players Championship
  35. I’m a big fan of Bill Simmons
  36. I ate breakfast outside today. Shout out to Mother Nature.
  37. I made 21 free throws in a row at the gym today. I consider anything over 20 a good day.
  38. I loved every second of that Bulls victory over the Cavs (minus the D-Rose injury scare)
  39. I’m heading down to the NFL Draft today to shoot videos
  40. I’m going to my first game at Wrigley tonight. My Buccos take on the Cubs.
  41. I made pierogies for breakfast and have pulled pork pork in the slow cooker
  42. I love watching an on his game D Rose. It’s magical.
  43. I think the Bulls can win the NBA title this year
  44. I love sandwiches
  45. I’m super excited for the baseball season to be here. Let’s Go Buccos!
  46. My favorite podcast is Jalen & Jacoby on the Grantland Network
  47. I typically watch SportsCenter 1.5 times on mute when I first get up in the morning.
  48. I carry a penalty flag and koozie around with me everywhere. You never know when the opportunity for spontaneous fun will occur.
  49. My wife pranked me today by putting 3 fake parking tickets on the car.
  50. My dog is currently wearing a cone
  51. I’m in three fantasy baseball leagues this year
  52. Last night at hoops my shooting like Dirk game was on point.
  53. I’m currently reading Creativity, Inc by the Pixar guys
  54. I’m rooting for a Wichita St tournament run
  55. My brackets are in shambles
  56. My defense and passing were good last night when I played hoops.
  57. I take words of inspiration from Ricky Rozay: Every Day I’m Hustlin
  58. I’m a big fan of tacos
  59. I just finished reading Gary Vee’s “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook.” It was awesome.
  60. I made 19 free throws in a row at the gym today
  61. I take words of inspiration from Ricky Rozay: Every Day I’m Hustlin
  62. I woke up at 5:41 am today.
  63. Just got back from a 2 week honeymoon in South Africa and had the time of my life.
  64. I don’t leave the gym until I make 10 free throws in a row. Today I made 9 in a row and missed on my 10th 3 times. It took me 40 minutes before I made 10 in a row. Ugh.
  65. I went to the Hockey City Classic at Soldier Field this weekend to watch my alma mater Miami (OH) play some outdoor hockey. It was awesome.
  66. I had to buy a new computer charger from the Apple store today for $80. Insert sad face.
  67. I had a 7:30 am breakfast meeting today. Nothing like talking shop over bacon.
  68. I don’t understand why all sports bars don’t have buffalo chicken dip on the menu.
  69. If I were a Seahawks fan I’d be beside myself today. That’s a very deep wound that ain’t gonna heal any time soon.
  70. For 36 hours this week there was a chance I was gonna be on Good Morning America. Here’s the story.
  71. I’ve never met a dance floor that I didn’t love
  72. I love Monday’s because you never know what awesomeness lies ahead in the coming week
  73. I’m currently doing a Honeymoon fitness challenge where I work out 5 days a week.
  74. I’m wearing a Hulkamania cutoff tee today
  75. I made 17 free throws in a row at the gym today
  76. I’m wearing a Rony Seikaly Magic jersey today
  77. The first 3 things I do every morning is read for 30 min, write my morning pages for 30 min, and learn something new for 30 min.
  78. I balled last night and would rate my play an 8 out of 10. We won 5 straight games and my shooting was above average.
  79. I’m working out of 1871 in the Merchandise Mart and loving it
  80. I’m 4-0 in betting NFL playoff games this year. I’ve taken the under each time.
  81. I do 30 pushups every day before I get into the shower. Over the course of the year that’s 10,950 pushups.
  82. I’ve watched more Bulls games this year than ever before
  83. One of my goals this week is to start waking up at 6:14 am.
  84. I am super excited about the Steelers making the playoffs but apprehensive because of Le’Veon Bell’s injury
  85. My fantasy football season started great but ended with only a 3rd place finish. Sad face.
  86. I went skiing in Wisconsin yesterday and finished the day at the Cheese Castle
  87. I’m a fan of the show Ink Master but wasn’t happy with who they chose as the winner.
  88. I lost a fantasy football playoff game last week via tie breaker. Times be tough.
  89. At my white elephant party I was lucky enough to get an old school John Paxson poster.
  90. Sons of Anarchy is in the top 3 of my favorite shows ever
  91. I’m in a bocce ball league and we straight crushed last night
  92. I ate Buffalo Chicken Dip yesterday and it was phenomenal.
  93. I had UCF +5.5 last night and absolutely lost it when I watched the Hail Mary live
  94. My Christmas Tree is up and looking like a pimp
  95. I just started reading my first Tony Robbins book.
  96. I played hoops last night and shot like crap but my assists game was on point.
  97. I turned by guest bedroom into a sports man cave media room yesterday
  98. Double stuffed Oreos are my number one cookie of choice.
  99. I just finished a four week Learn How To Freestyle Rap class at Second City
  100. I have a Steelers tattoo on my ribs
  101. My expectations for the Penguins and Blackhawks are Stanley Cup or bust
  102. I’m happy that it’s hoodie weather right now.
  103. I’m currently taking a class at Second City on learning how to freestyle rap
  104. I saw 2 Chainz at Chive Fest this weekend and he absolutely crushed it
  105. I never owned Ken Griffey Jr’s 1989 Upper Deck Rookie Card
  106. I’m currently reading “The Power of Focus” and dig it
  107. I made 35 free throws in a row at the gym last week
  108. I really like street tacos
  109. I had one of the greatest weekends of my life at the Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte.
  110. I believe that playoff hockey is the best post season of any professional sport
  111. I will be growing a killer Stanley Cup Playoff beard
  112. Took a spill over the handle bars of my bike yesterday.
  113. The Ultimate Warrior was my favorite wrestler ever
  114. I met Toni Kukoc and Bill Cartwright last night
  115. I am taking my second “How to write like The Onion” class
  116. I own a Malik Sealy jersey
  117. I bought pistachios for the first time yesterday
  118. I went to Lake Tahoe for a bachelor party last weekend
  119. I didn’t wake up in a new Bugatti today
  120. I own a bacon calendar.
  121. I’ll eat eggs for breakfast but don’t like eggs on anything else
  122. I did not watch the Oscars last night but did watch the Bull/Knicks game and E!’s Live from the Red Carpet
  123. On a scale of BJ Upton’s performance this year to the Seahawks defense in the Super Bowl I’d rate the Olympics so far “Brandon Inge starting at 3rd”.
  124. I went to the UNC/Notre Dame basketball game this weekend.
  125. I’m currently reading “The Artist Way”
  126. My morning routine now consists of reading for 30 minutes and writing for 30 minutes right when I get up.
  127. My favorite food to eat while watching football is buffalo chicken dip.
  128. I like Kevin Durant more than LeBron
  129. I’ve been listening to a lot of Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers lately
  130. I’m currently reading Damon John’s book “The Brand Within.” I can’t put it down.
  131. I’m currently taking a “How to write like the Onion” class at Second City. It’s phenomenal.
  132. I saw Wolf of Wallstreet last night and dug it but thought it was a tad long
  133. The first show I watch in the morning is the Dan Patrick Show
  134. I am very pro-candles. I’m all Yankee all the time
  135. My cellphone case is a mustache
  136. I’m currently reading Joe Torre’s book “The Yankee years”
  137. I hit 35 free throws in a row at the gym last week
  138. Frank Thomas was my favorite baseball player growing up.
  139. I had a dream last night that I was on Spring Break in College. It was awesome.
  140. I rooted for UCF all season thanks to my fiance going to school there. What a year!
  141. I’m going to the Packers/Steelers game in Green Bay on Sunday
  142. I went bowling yesterday and shot a 165
  143. I am in the fantasy football championship game in all 3 of my leagues.
  144. The season finale of Sons of Anarchy. Holy Smokes Batman.
  145. I went to the Bears game last night. It was freezing.
  146. I never beat Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson’s Punchout on Nintendo
  147. I made the playoffs in all three of my fantasy football leagues.
  148. I’m not one of those people who complains about the weather
  149. This weekend I went to the Alabama/LSU game and had a freaking blast!
  150. I went to my first NHL game of the season last night. Hockey is such an amazing sport to watch live.
  151. I’m going to the Alabama/LSU game this weekend.
  152. I watched more baseball this year than any year in my life
  153. I had a Dominique Wilkins poster on my wall as a kid
  154. Swedish Fish are a top 5 candy for me
  155. I like the movie Cool Runnings
  156. I’m running my first marathon in DC on Sunday. I’m glad this is almost over.
  157. I’ve never owned a skateboard
  158. Cookie Butter. Try it.
  159. The song I wake up to every morning is “Gimme Some Lovin” by G.Love
  160. I wake up and the first thing that I think is “today is gonna be a great day”
  161. I’m wearing a Cherokee Parks Mavericks jersey today
  162. I’ve seen every episode of Saved by the Bell at least 3 times.
  163. I’m excited that it’s becoming hooded sweatshirt weather.
  164. This baseball in October thing is kinda fun.
  165. My excitement level for the Pirates playoff series vs the Cardinals is out of this world.
  166. What a night. The Pirates won their first playoff game in 21 years and the Blackhawks opened up the NHL season with a victory.
  167. For the second time this year, my fantasy football team scored the most points in the league yet the matchup ended in a tie.
  168. There’s a good chance I’ll never eat at Taco Bell again. Just not a big fan.
  169. I went to the Cubs game last night, made a sign (for the first time ever), and got on TV.
  170. I was at the Cubs/Pirates game last night and saw the Pirates clinch a playoff spot. What an amazingly crazy game.
  171. I ran 20 miles yesterday. I think my legs are gonna to fall off.
  172. I have never said “that’s what she said”
  173. I won one my fantasy football matchup’s on the last catch by Antonio Brown on the last play of the game.
  174. I own a George Costanza Yankees jersey.
  175. I can’t believe that it’s September and I’m still watching baseball.
  176. I’m very happy that Sons of Anarchy is back on!
  177. I went 0-4 this week at fantasy football. Ugh.
  178. I watched approximately 18 hours of football this weekend.
  179. Breaking Bad is blowing my mind this season.
  180. Yesterday I watched The Mighty Ducks and Office Space. It was a good day.
  181. I’m going to North Coast Festival today to see Capital Cities, Passion Pit, and Mac Miller
  182. In my auction fantasy draft last night my Internet connection got lost and the system autodrafted Le’Veon Bell for $16 for my team. Ugh.
  183. This football season I’m going to be rocking a 2 TV system
  184. I’m a big fan of Amazon Prime.
  185. My first fantasy football draft was yesterday and it did not go so well
  186. I don’t like iced tea but wish I did
  187. Strawberries are my favorite berry
  188. I’m going to be in 4 fantasy football leagues this year
  189. My college fantasy football draft starts today.
  190. This is the first summer since I was 12 where I watch baseball every day.
  191. I went to my first WNBA game yesterday
  192. I was at all three days of Lollapalooza and had a blast!
  193. I played hoops last night and was dishing dimes like Steve Nash
  194. I’m not really into zombie movies
  195. I dig rocking bow ties
  196. I just started watching the show “Suits”. I dig it.
  197. When it’s my birthday I don’t feel older. I just feel awesomer.
  198. Today I turn Larry Bird’s number
  199. I have watched more baseball this year than any other year in the last 20.
  200. I just finished reading Phil Jackson’s book Eleven Rings. It was phenomenal.
  201. I was in Wrigleyville last night for Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Holy Smokes!
  202. I’m rocking a Mitch Richmond Team USA jersey today
  203. I bought a $10 root beer beer yesterday. It tasted very much like root beer.
  204. I’m rocking my old school Michael Jordan Bulls jersey with the script Chicago today
  205. I prefer to see golfer drain birdies than struggle like they did at the US Open
  206. I just bought a Cecil Fielder poster for the office.
  207. I’m a Nike guy for shoes
  208. I ran the San Diego Half Marathon this past weekend.
  209. I attended the Padres game this weekend that went 17 innings. I only stayed 7.
  210. I am good at throwing the frisbee.
  211. I made 19 free throws in a row yesterday at the gym.
  212. I am yet to golf this year. That makes me sad.
  213. I am reading Phil Jackson’s new book.
  214. I watch Sportscenter a minimum of 2.5 times per day
  215. I don’t like tying my shoes.
  216. I believe that Tim Duncan is the most underrated basketball player of my generation.
  217. My Mom was a multiple day winner on the game show Card Sharks.
  218. I’ve become a fan of Nate Robinson this year.
  219. At one point in college I had my ears pierced and my hair dyed platinum.
  220. I will be growing a playoff beard for the NHL playoffs.
  221. I dig quiche.
  222. The first thing I do every day is read for 30 minutes.
  223. I talk in my sleep
  224. I’m training for the DC Marathon
  225. I love when Barry Melrose is on Sportscenter.
  226. I’m a fan of the show Locked Up Abroad. Not of getting captured by hostile armed gorillas, but watching it.
  227. I know how to tie a bow tie.
  228. I have no problem Tivoing a game and watching it the next day.
  229. My keurig broke and I’ve been without coffee the last two weeks. It is not enjoyable.
  230. I was at Cubs opening day yesterday and it was a blast.
  231. I ran the Shamrock Shuffle (8k) this weekend.
  232. I love bagels.
  233. I used to play the guitar but haven’t picked it up in two years.
  234. I bought generic trash bags and will not make that mistake again.
  235. Jalen Rose’s podcast on the Grantland Network is currently my favorite.
  236. I have never had a hole in one. The closest I’ve come is about three feet.
  237. I was the starting pitcher in my Little League All-Star game when I was 10. I got rocked.
  238. I had the last of my 3 fantasy baseball drafts last night.
  239. I once drove a golf cart into a tree and broke a finger.
  240. I use a lot of napkins.
  241. I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  242. I went to the Big 10 title game yesterday.
  243. My mixed drink of choice is Captain’s and Diet.
  244. I am wearing a throwback Michael Jordan jersey today for #thursdayjerzday.
  245. I had dial up Internet in college
  246. I love playing euchre
  247. In High School my two favorite bands were the Smashing Pumpkins and Stone Temple Pilots.
  248. I dig it when it snows.
  249. I’m a Tupac over Biggie kinda guy.
  250. I just saw Passion Pit  + Matt and Kim in concert and it was fantastic.
  251. I think that being a storm chaser would be fun.
  252. At one point in my life I liked Limp Bizkit.
  253. I don’t hit snooze.
  254. I dig the Joe Schmo show.
  255. I’m a hooded sweatshirt and jeans kinda guy.
  256. I went to the Miami (OH) vs Notre Dame college hockey game at Soldier Field yesterday. It was awesome.
  257. Yesterday I watched an NBA Slam Dunk contest marathon and it was amazing.
  258. I love shooting free throws.
  259. I will always think that Michael Jordan is the greatest athlete ever.
  260. I wake up at 6:53 am every morning.
  261. I think that the NBA Slam Dunk contest has become a joke.
  262. I just finished reading “The Jordan Rules” and I really dug it.
  263. My favorite TV show ever was ESPN’s 2 Minute Drill.
  264. I love that it’s snowing outside. If it’s going to be cold then bring on the powder.
  265. I dig the clothing that Joel McHale wears on The Soup.
  266. My beer of choice is Guinness
  267. Because of the Super Bowl coverage my watching of ESPN has gone down by about 90%.
  268. This weekend I watched Project X, Goon, Rudy, and Back to the Future II.
  269. I never defeated Tyson in the Nintendo game Mike Tyson’s PunchOut
  270. I love the new Jay Mohr radio show.
  271. My favorite chip is Cool Ranch Doritos.
  272. I rode my bike into work and grilled out yesterday. Wind chill: -1.
  273. I love rap music.
  274. I am more excited for hockey to start than I am the final three games of the NFL season.
  275. I am in awe over how crazy the Manti Te’o story is.
  276. I rode my bike to work today. It’s currently 18 degrees outside.
  277. I am a wings connoisseur.
  278. I am unbelievably excited about the NHL season starting soon.
  279. My favorite juice is orange followed by apple.
  280. My favorite fruit is strawberries.
  281. I think that Velveta shells and cheese is superior to all other kinds of mac and cheese.
  282. Somehow I’ve become a bread snob where I only buy bread that is wrapped in plastic inside of the bag.
  283. I don’t like iced tea, olives, or mustard.
  284. I’ve never seen “A Christmas Story”.
  285. I’m not very good at loading the dishwasher.
  286. I made the Championship game in 3 of my 4 fantasy football leagues.
  287. I’ve been to a WWF SummerSlam.
  288. I am really digging the shows and coverage on NBC Sports Network. I highly recommend giving them a shot.
  289. I wear a Nike Fuelband and think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever purchased.
  290. I watch the Dan Patrick show every morning.
  291. I used to set my alarm for 3 am just so that I could wake up and know that I had 4 hours of sleep left. That’s a great feeling.
  292. I just finished reading Tony Dungy’s book “Quiet Strength”.
  293. I made the playoffs in all four of the fantasy football leagues that I’m in.
  294. Yesterday I did something that I’ve never done before. I bought toilet paper from Whole Foods.
  295. I put up my Christmas tree and watched Christmas Vacation last night.
  296. I bought my Christmas tree last night. I’m not sure why but I named it Gus.
  297. Unlike many people, I watch college basketball all season. Not just in March.
  298. I only buy Yankee Candles.
  299. I just started watching Homeland.
  300. I have never gotten up early to go shopping on Black Friday.
  301. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is stuffing.
  302. I just started reading Tony Dungy’s book “Quiet Strength”.
  303. I just finished reading John Wooden’s Book “Pyramid of Success”.
  304. If I could be one NBA player I’d be Steve Nash. I love the way he plays and dishes the rock.
  305. Last night a friend of mine had Velveeta Shell’s and Cheese for the first time.
  306. At this point I have stopped caring about the NHL Lockout. If there is somehow a season this year great. If not then oh well.
  307. I am OK with wearing white after Labor Day.
  308. I make a mean buffalo chicken dip.
  309. I’m currently reading John Wooden’s “Pyramid of Success”.
  310. I’m most looking forward to the USC/Oregon game this weekend.
  311. I never set a timer or alarm to end on a 0 or a 5.
  312. I am excited for the NBA season but am definitely going to miss D Rose.
  313. I have switched from ESPN to NFL Network for all of my Sunday morning pregame needs.
  314. I am dressing up as a Harlem Globetrotter for Halloween.
  315. I am not a fan of Mike & Mike in the morning.
  316. I know just about every line from the movie Swingers, Top Gun, and Dumb & Dumber
  317. My favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  318. I just started reading The Launchpad: Inside Y Combinator and I can’t put it down.
  319. I wear the Nike Fuelband and love it.
  320. My interest in the MLB playoffs is about a 2 out of 10. I am rooting for the Tigers to win it all.
  321. I like watching Larry Bird dunk videos on Youtube.
  322. I am 100% Apple for all my computing and digital needs now.
  323. I eat McDonald’s maybe once a year and that may be a stretch.
  324. My least favorite video ever on Youtube is Charlie the Unicorn. It is beyond stupid and a complete waste of time.
  325. I’m currently reading Jim Collins book “Good to Great”
  326. My favorite article of clothing is hooded sweatshirts.
  327. I never had a Nintendo growing up.
  328. I think that Tom Brady’s NFL career is better than Peyton Manning’s.
  329. One of my first jobs was working at a golf course on the grounds crew taking care of the course. It was one of my favorite jobs.
  330. I saw Michael Jordan at the Ryder Cup yesterday.
  331. I’m going to Sunday at the Ryder Cup and am so excited.
  332. I enjoy rocking a bow tie.
  333. I had the Seahawks +3.5 against the Packers so I was one of the few that was very happy to see the last play be a TD.
  334. I don’t like olives.
  335. I believe that ESPN’s College Gameday is the best pregame show of any sport.
  336. I took my first ever voiceover class last night and loved it.
  337. My dog Callie wears a Steelers collar
  338. I love hooded sweatshirt and jeans weather.
  339. I have never caught a foul ball but it is on my life bucket list to do so
  340. I have never played Dungeons & Dragons.
  341. The first player to sign my baseball glove when I was a kid was Andy Van Slyke.
  342. If I had to choose I’d say that I like Sons of Anarchy more than Breaking Bad.
  343. I just started reading the Steve Jobs biography.
  344. I am a fan of the show Big Brother.
  345. I have never seen any of the “Alien” movies
  346. On a scale of 1-10 I’m about a 5.5 for how good I flip eggs.
  347. My first car in High School was a Volvo station wagon with 120k miles on it.
  348. I’ve never eaten at a Hardees.
  349. The magazines that I read are Fast Company, Inc, GQ, and Men’s Health.
  350. I have never had Chicken and Waffles.
  351. I’ve been eating a good amount of bananas lately.
  352. I own a Cherokee Parks Mavericks jersey


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Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

Sports loving free throw specialist and yinzer living in Chicago who is awesome most of the time, has run with the bulls in Spain, and is a graduate of Second City's Improv program.