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One marketing opportunity most sports bars aren’t taking advantage of is creating reaction videos during the big games. Sports bars have a built in sports fan audience that is passionate and loyal, which makes them ripe for creating sharable content that they can engage with on social media. What’s a better form of native advertising than showing your fans having fun at your sports bar? Smiles don’t lie.

What are reaction videos?

When a crucial play or moment in a game happens you capture the reaction of your audience on video when it happens.

At Bacon Sports we’ve been creating reaction videos to great success, including during the NCAA tournament when Georgia State made a big comeback and nailed a buzzer beater three to give them the Cinderella victory.

In just five days the video has received over 1,700 views on YouTube. As you saw, there was only three of us there. Had this been shot at a sports bar where there could have been 100+ people having fun for March Madness plus a social media following of thousands, the power of sharable content and social proof starts to become a lot more interesting. That number can grow into the thousands and tens of thousands (as you’ll see in a minute) thanks to your audience passing the video along because they are in it and want to show their friends “this awesome thing happened when I was having fun at INSERT SPORTS BAR.”

Do you think you’d be interested in 1,700+ people seeing your sports fan audience having fun at your sports bar during March Madness? I would.

And this isn’t just a one time thing. We’ve seen this work over and over again to great success.

At our Awesomest NFL Draft Party we captured Browns fans reaction to Johnny Manziel getting drafted. This resulted in over 35,000 views.

At our USA World Cup Watch Party the crowd went banana’s when USA scored vs Ghana. This resulted in over 17,000 views.

And again at the USA World Cup Watch party, this time when USA scored vs Portugal. This resulted in over 14,000 views.

And when the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in amazing come from behind fashion sending the crowd into a frenzy. This resulted in over 7,000 views.

When there’s a big crowd for a big sporting event and there’s a ton of excitement there’s a great opportunity to document the awesomeness that goes down and turn it into a win-win situation for everyone. It’s content like this that can make your social media and marketing pop.


If you are interested in talking more about creating reaction videos, sports fan engagement, social media, content creation, sports bar marketing, or anything in between give me a shout at or on Twitter @RobCressy.

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