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Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review: A Path To Living The Good Life

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tai lopez 67 steps review

I just finished Tai Lopez 67 Steps program and it truly was life changing. Knowledge is power and the more you know the better. This post is a review of Tai Lopez 67 Steps and my experience going through the program.

Like many I was skeptical of Tai Lopez at first. He popped up in my Facebook feed with a mansion and a Lamborghini and I thought to myself, “What’s up with this dude? He can’t be real” and instantly dismissed him. Then I kept seeing his sponsored posts pop up in my feed. As someone who has a background in online advertising that’s when it hit me. Through my other interests and profile on Facebook I was being targeted for specific reasons. I put two and two together and came to the conclusion that if he was targeting entrepreneurs then it might be worth me giving a peek under the hood to see what’s really going on. From there I followed Tai Lopez on Snapchat and started listening to his podcast.

Almost instantly I saw the value that Tai Lopez brings to the table. What can be off-putting with someone like him, at first, is that he doesn’t seem real. How does this guy with fancy cars living in Hollywood have so much substance behind him? For some reason we’ve all been trained to have our scam meters go off when we see certain things (right or wrong.) Tai knows this and addresses it. It’s when the curtain is unveiled and you give yourself an opportunity to see what’s really going on that the true greatness starts to appear.

After consuming Tai Lopez content for a month, and digging it, plus hearing about his 67 Steps program often I knew that it was time for me to take the next step and make a commitment. I was going to pay the $67 dollars and commit to learning the principles of success that will help me live the good life.

I’ve made it a point recently to “close the loop.” What I mean by this is see things from start to finish. When I shelled out my $67 of hard earned dollars I made a commitment that I was going to stick with this program and try and do one of the 67 Steps every day (like Tai Lopez recommended.)

tai lopez 67 steps sign up

Each of the 67 Steps was anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour long. Tai Lopez gives you the option of watching a video or listening to the audio version. I found that the best way for me to carve out the time to listen to each of the 67 Steps was first thing in the morning when I walked my dog and then went to the gym. I am always listening to podcasts during that time anyways so I just replaced my regularly scheduled listening (The Ask Gary V Show, Jalen & Jacoby, or Bill Simmons) with the 67 Step for that day.

To say that I was excited to be going through this program would be an understatement. I’m someone who has a growth mindset that loves to learn. It’s why I wake up every morning and read for 40 minutes and it’s how I’ve read over 100 books (you can check out my book list here.) I am also someone who writes everything down. Like everything. I can’t trust that I’ll remember everything, plus I don’t want to forget anything that might be valuable. Because of this I made it a point to take notes (in Evernote) during each of the 67 Steps. That way I’ll always be able to reference the best nuggets of wisdom from my 67 day journey.

While I didn’t complete Tai Lopez 67 Steps program in 67 days I was able to do it in about 75. Sometimes life happens (travel or the weekend) and I just couldn’t fit it in. The important part was that this was 100% a top priority in my life while I was going through the program and at no point was there ever a chance that I wasn’t going to complete it. Having this mindset allowed me to be excited to hear Tai Lopez lesson for the next day.

I highly recommend that you enroll in Tai Lopez 67 Steps program because it will truly change the way you think about life. I encourage you to leave your skepticism at the door and instead go in with an open mind, ready to learn. Because here’s the thing, if you do the reward at the end of the rainbow is the good life (aka a life filled with health, wealth, love and happiness.)

As a resource to you I put together my 185 biggest takeaways from Tai Lopez 67 Steps program. Let these nuggets of wisdom serve as encouragement for you to take the next step and commit to joining Tai Lopez 67 Steps program. If and when you do drop me a line on Twitter @RobCressy and let me know how it goes. No doubt it’ll be one of the most positive things you can do for your life.

tai lopez 67 steps lamboTai Lopez 67 Steps Review

  1. To get what you want you have to deserve what u want. The world isn’t crazy enough place to reward a bunch of undeserving people.
  2. Awareness: How aware are you of your environment?
  3. To deserve more you need to be more aware.
  4. Who makes observations that no one else in the room notices? Awareness is the quickest way to increase your intangibles to increase your deserving factor.
  5. You must be adaptable. Changeable.
  6. The speed at which you can adapt and evolve will determine how long until you get what you want in life.
  7. As long as something moves you closer to your goal it isn’t a failure, it’s an experiment.
  8. Don’t see your life in black and white. See it in adaptability. “It’s just me changing.”
  9. Realize your destiny is not static.
  10. If you want results different from the masses you can’t think like the masses.
  11. The best person to argue something is someone who has tried everything.
  12. You can’t replace time. You’ve gotta be effective. Every minute has to count. Imagine if u only had $50,000 for the rest of your life. You’d make ever dollar count. Think about that with time.
  13. You have to be humility in action not words.
  14. You need to have the ability to learn quickly and on the fly.
  15. Use mentors to shave years off your learning curve.
  16. Figure out your end game. If I want to win a Grammy then find someone who has won a Grammy.
  17. Divide your waking hours into thirds. 33% each. 1/3rd with people below me. They help build up my self esteem (because I can help them, mentor). So I can be helping people 20 years before me. 1/3 people on my level. These are my closest friends. Going through similar things as me. Friendships are forged through adversity. Most important is this last 33%. You want to spend as much time here as you can. Find people on a similar track. The 10-20 years ahead of u. That’s what makes them a true mentor.
  18. I need to be an absorption machine.
  19. I need to be persistent.
  20. Nothing will be impossible if you try.
  21. Be an ask questions person. Ask genuine questions.
  22. Become a self learning machine.
  23. Constantly in my head I need to draw out patterns. Rich friends, poor friends. Good dress, bad dress. The way you perceive your environment: look at successful vs unsuccessful, healthy vs not healthy. Look at successful people. When do they decide to be quiet or not quiet. How do they react in every scenario?
  24. The past is a vaper. Focus on the dream. The here and now.
  25. Be rich in social understanding.
  26. Discriminate against bad ideas.
  27. Become an elistiest of people worth listening to.
  28. Go to where smart people are and accumulate their knowledge.
  29. The more interesting you become the more you start to be able to reach people on higher levels.
  30. You can only build upon strength. Know your strengths.
  31. The grind is life.
  32. Love your life. Perfect your life.
  33. Life is like soup. It’s a blend of ingredients.
  34. With risk comes reward and the reward is the good life.
  35. Innovate out of my problems.
  36. Break down something big into little parts and then build it back together.
  37. People in this world try and be happy by getting instead of doing things for other in the world.
  38. You need purpose and vision.
  39. Have an integrated life. If I like sports then be around sports and sports people. Step by step.
  40. Don’t sacrifice today with a crappy job to look to tomorrow. Live for now.
  41. People who are happy own it.
  42. Be in a competition with yourself – John Wooden
  43. It’s better to learn from others than to have to do trial and error yourself. Think Evil Kenevil.
  44. The ability to simulate will shrink your learning curve.
  45. Get enough toughness to get through the grind of life.
  46. Be excited when I fail. It builds scars and toughens you up.
  47. A bias towards action is better than nothing.
  48. The is no horse that runs as fast as one in competition.
  49. Look at how you feel when you wake up. Do you tap dance out of bed?
  50. Can I tell people what I want to do in 1 sentence?
  51. 5% rule. On a scale of 1-100 of everyone in the world, I need to be a 95 or better. Otherwise, if it’s less I won’t make it.
  52. Make your mess your message.
  53. Prepare for when it’s difficult when it’s easy.
  54. Become Addicted to the positive grind.
  55. 2 types of people. Those that conquer fear and those that succumb to it.
  56. 4 pillars in life: health, wealth, love, & happiness.
  57. Get the big things in life right.
  58. Don’t major in minor issues and minor in major issues.
  59. Think of your brain like the kitchen of life. What ingredients do you have available? Don’t cook with just one or two ingredients.
  60. Go to where successful people are and implement that into your life.
  61. Life is like a parachute jump, you only get one chance.
  62. The most powerful word is imagine.
  63. Diagnose the things I want to change.
  64. Read the obvious signs in life.
  65. When you only have a hammer every problem is a nail. You need a different tool for a screw.
  66. Life is getting from point to point.
  67. Faith is feeling success before u have it.
  68. Reduce the problem. Making $1000 is really $33 a day or $4 extra per hour for 8 hours
  69. Embrace obstacles. They become your art form.
  70. Set the expectation that I will not fail.
  71. Create redundancy in my life.
  72. Always plan for 3 scenarios: A, B, C: the F22 plan. A- best case. B- most likely case. C- worst case.
  73. Life is just idea, planning and executing.
  74. Prepare for tomorrow today. Think about a few things before I go to bed. Do this for 30 sec when I brush my teeth.
  75. When you don’t know what to do just jump in and start doing and you’ll be halfway done in no time.
  76. Prepare for the rainy day before it’s rainy.
  77. Double down and invest in yourself.
  78. The enemy of living a good life is expectancy.
  79. Commit to invest in your own brain.
  80. A mistake is an experiment run too long.
  81. Think with the end in mind.
  82. What do I want people to say at my funeral about me?
  83. To understand anything ask why 3 times.
  84. When I make a mistake who cares, just move on.
  85. Accumulation of knowledge is beautiful.
  86. Build accountability in systems.
  87. The world needs less opinion and more observation.
  88. The willingness to give up is often greatest right before you are about to succeed.
  89. The secret in life is ignoring 99 out of 100 people. When you find the 1 person, listen to everything they say.
  90. You must be elitist in who you let in your brain.
  91. 10% rule. You’ll only get 10% of the success of the person you emulate. That’s why you go for people at the top. Learn from Sam Walton or Michael Jordan and get 10% of them.
  92. The enemy of greatness is goodness
  93. The aquisition of knowledge isn’t as important as the application.
  94. I need to be able to isolate patterns in rich and poor people.
  95. Get rid of low self esteem people around you.
  96. Practical pessimism: the tool that gets u to the optimism goal.
  97. To rise above he crowd I have to have more faith than anyone.
  98. Spend your life preparing for the worst -Charlie Monger
  99. Now is the youngest you’ll ever be.
  100. Be an impressive person.
  101. Like attracts like.
  102. Have a high curiosity level.
  103. You can get anything you want in life but you can’t get everything.
  104. How good are you at prioritizing your life? Don’t put small stuff before the big stuff.
  105. Make things simpler, but not simpler than they can be.
  106. Stay healthy, make money, have love, be happy.
  107. Say to myself “is this as important as I thought it was?”
  108. Don’t be driven by other people’s agenda.
  109. Don’t be driven by invisible rules.
  110. Everyone can be 20% weird. Anything more and you run into trouble.
  111. Break down my 16 hours that I’m awake.
  112. Don’t be penny wise and dollar foolish. Instead be dollar wise and penny foolish.
  113. Think thru life and prioritize.
  114. The opposite of monthly expenses is monthly income. My income needs to become clockwork, just like expenses are.
  115. An investor takes control of their life and says, “no, life is played on my terms.”
  116. An entrepreneur is the creator & innovator that makes the world in his image.
  117. Invest in myself thru creativity.
  118. Everyone wants to be a Navy Seal on Friday but not put the work in and do it on Monday.
  119. In business and life you don’t want to only swing for home runs.
  120. Instead of a major change, just make a 5% tweak.
  121. Don’t by jenky/sloppy.
  122. Good enough is perfect.
  123. With focus comes skill.
  124. At a party find the 18% of people that align with me. Don’t be afraid to be so focused on the 18% that you alienate the 82%. Naturally the 82% will just fall off. If you try and please everyone you please no one.
  125. Make your mess your message.
  126. You have to believe in the inevitability of your success.
  127. Life is an aggregation of challenges.
  128. Important thing in communication is you must be understood.
  129. Being understood is the foundation of persuasion.
  130. It’s not always ok to conquer, sometimes you have to seduce.
  131. Pareto efficiency: in every area of life figure out where you can create a win win.
  132. Business is just a formalized approach to create a customer where a customer didn’t exist before.
  133. A good system has forgiveness built in.
  134. You need a margin of safety – Warren buffet
  135. First rule of business is don’t lose money. Make a profit.
  136. Know how to create value and monetize it.
  137. Profit is the end result of doing a lot of things right.
  138. Be so good they can’t ignore you – Steve Martin
  139. Your brain is just a culmination of your decisions.
  140. When you remove all that can’t be true, then you are left with what is true.
  141. Most people pass time, few people actually live.
  142. If you want to figure out how to do something figure out how not to do it.
  143. Invert questions to find that answer to get the answer you actually want. Ex. How do I get unhealthy fast?
  144. Do the inversion test with myself with health, wealth, love and happiness.
  145. Life takes courage. You’ve gotta do what others don’t want to.
  146. People in Hollywood did things most people wouldn’t.
  147. Courage will change your life.
  148. Curiosity becomes a habit.
  149. Don’t squander and live life as if you’ll live forever.
  150. Be impressive before you meet people.
  151. Be impatiently patient.
  152. You need to get what you want impatiently.
  153. Don’t be too soon old and too late smart.
  154. Excellence is what captures opportunity.
  155. Win at the big opportunities.
  156. Be ready.
  157. Perfect your brain.
  158. Live by example.
  159. Become a master at opportunity cost.
  160. First rule of life mastery: master the right thing.
  161. Be very clear about the problem you are trying to solve.
  162. Keep experimenting until your goal is fulfilled.
  163. Be someone an investor wants to invest in.
  164. Start as if you’ll die tomorrow. Build as you’ll last forever.
  165. The good life is about abundance. Abundance is about mastery.
  166. The opposite of fear is abundance.
  167. The one thing you don’t have abundance in is time. Use that to fuel you.
  168. Use your fear to drive you. Conquer fear.
  169. Money can’t buy life.
  170. Think deeply into the counter arguments of things I think.
  171. When Sam Walton was wrong he’d just move on. It made him successful.
  172. Step by step you get ahead by getting a little wiser when you wake up.
  173. Be persistent. Like insanely.
  174. Read biographies because you get the full story of someone.
  175. Don’t buy into media bias.
  176. Bruce Lee didn’t fear the man who practiced 10,000 kicks. He feared the man who practiced one kick 10,000 days.
  177. People don’t demand perfection from your business unless you are in the airline business.
  178. People don’t fear wasting their life. Fear the things you should fear.
  179. Thomas Edison: every experiment I failed I was that much closer to making it successful.
  180. Swim upstream -Sam Walton
  181. Time can’t be recovered. Money can be.
  182. Happiness comes from accomplishment.
  183. It’s not the money you make its the money you keep.
  184. The hard is what makes it great. You build memory happiness.
  185. To get what you want you have to deserve what you want.

Pretty awesome, right? Invest in yourself and sign up for Tai Lopez 67 Steps program HERE.

tai lopez 67 steps sign up

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