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Yinzers rocking most yinzer jerseys ever

By October 1, 2013June 18th, 2018No Comments

pittsburgh-jerseys-yinzersToday is like Christmas, New Years, and Donny Iris birthday all rolled into one for yinzers in Pittsburgh. The Pirates are in the playoffs for the first time since 1992 and there is a buzz in the air like a night out with Aldon Smith. To help celebrate this once in every 21 year occasion I have put together the most absurdly yinzer gallery of Pirates and Steelers jerseys FROM THE LAST WEEK. That’s right, this isn’t a compilation from the last few months, all of these pictures were taken and sent in within the last week. Apparently a little winning takes yinzers from rocking Zubaz to having them buying custom Pittsburgh jerseys that are worse than Steely McBeam.

jesus pirates jersey

Jesus is definitely number 1! It’s refreshing that this yinzer didn’t put #69 on the back of this jersey because we’ve seen a lot of that lately and there’d be an extra level of wrongness to defame JC’s name like that. There will be many people in Pittsburgh praying to Jesus for a Pirates victory tonight so this guy is gonna be popular. Kudos to this yinzer for not just giving Jesus some dap after he wins a Grammy but instead rocking it loud and proud on his Pirates jersey all the time.

Shout out to my boy double D for this.

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Rob Cressy

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