Happy Birthday John Daly. My favorite golfer ever.

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john-daly-boob-grabI was looking up today’s sports birthdays when much to my delight I saw that today was John Daly’s birthday. In terms of entertainment John Daly is my favorite golfer and is one of three golfers that I root for at all times. The other two are Freddie Couples and Tiger. Like bacon, Tiger Woods always makes golf better and Freddie is just awesome, back issues and all. Back to JD. His awesomeness stems from the fact that he’s a regular-ish dude that likes to throw them back, has visible flaws like we all do, and can drive the crap out of the ball. He was as likely to win a Major just as he was driving an RV into a lake, and not one of those amazingly cool Terrawind RV’s that can drive like a boat.

What also makes John Daly that much better than everyone else is that he also wants to be a musician, and as we’ve seen by the success of NBA players turned rappers, that usually ends about as well as buying toilet paper from Whole Foods. Here’s his acoustic rendition of “Knockin’ on Heavens Door” which is a gem. Naturally JD is wearing a United States flag blazer so that ratchets things up about 10 notches.


Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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