NBA Trivia Questions: Playoff Edition

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The NBA playoffs are in full swing as the Miami Heat are smoking the Milwaukee Bucks, the Lakers are toast, and the Oklahoma City Thunder have a huge void to fill now that Russell Westbrook is out. See how well you can handle these NBA trivia questions with thisĀ all NBA Playoff’s edition of Hard Sports Trivia.

1. What player currently holds the record for most playoff games played?
2. What player has highest career playoff free throw shooting percentage?
3. Since 1984, Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson hold 9 of the top 10 scoring performances in playoff games. Who holds the other?
4. What NBA coach has the record for most playoff losses?
5. Since 1980, what NBA team with the most regular season wins failed to win the NBA title?
6. What is the lowest seeded team ever to win an NBA title?
7. Since the NBA/ABA merger in 1976, what team holds the record for most consecutive playoff appearances?
8. What NBA championship team won the NBA title in the fewest number of games?
9. What player committed the most turnovers in NBA playoff history?
10. What active player has the highest playoff FG percentage?

I’ll give you the answers after the bump.

There was an article released this week detailing the financial downfall of Allen Iverson, who is now broke despite making $155 million dollars over his NBA career. However, despite his less-than-stellar financial decision making abilities, his on the court skills were legendary. I recommend taking a moment to look at this classic.

1. Robert Horry 244 games
2. Mark Price 94.4%
3. Charles Barkley 56 points in 1994
4. Pat Riley 111
5. 2006-2007 Dallas Mavericks won 67 games and lost in the first round
6. 94-95 Houston Rockets were a 6 seed
7. Portland Trailblazers 21 years 1982-2003
8. 2001 L.A. Lakers 16 total games
9. Magic Johnson 696 TOs
10. Dwight Howard 60%


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