Hide ya kids hide ya wife because this Bears jersey is awful!

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rex-grossman-bears-jerseyHoly crap Batman, I just about had a seizure when I saw this dude rocking a Rex Grossman Bears jersey on a Saturday afternoon in April. I would have been less stunned to see Glen Rice laying the lumber to Sarah Palin in the stairwell than I was when I saw this.

What do you think the logic was for this guy to wake up in the morning when his alarm clock gave out a warning and decide, “you know what, I think I’d look flyer than Craig Sager if I wore my Rex Grossman Bears jersey today”. Here’s how I think it went down.

This guy clearly is a fair weather sports fan and drank the kool-aid when Sexy Rexy “took” the Bears to the Super Bowl. This led to him buying his jersey despite the fact that he couldn’t tell you which school Grossman attended. Since he’s not a diehard fan, obviously, after the Super Bowl loss he hung this jersey up in his closet like any normal person would a regular button down.

This guy doesn’t spend his Sunday’s watching the Red Zone channel, but instead is playing Call of Duty, so his awareness level of the current state of the Chicago Bears hovers around the payroll level of the Houston Astros. The Bears have only been to the playoffs once since that Super Bowl season so there hasn’t been a good reason to pay attention to them.

Fast forward to Saturday and it was a delightful 65 degrees in Chicago and he needed a short sleeve shirt to wear. Too much of his delight hanging there in the back of his closest was his favorite Bears jersey. Problem solved.

What do you think? What was the logic of this “Bears fan” to rock a Rex Grossman jersey? Holla at us in the comments.


Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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