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How To Get Important Things Done

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how to get important things done

If something is important when is the best time to get it done?

First thing in the day.

This is a concept that has been game changing for me from a personal development standpoint.

When I first started Bacon Sports one thing I did was audit the habits and routines of the most successful people and CEO’s.

A few common themes kept popping up over and over again.

The majority of them read a ton of books, worked out early, and they meditated.

Knowing this I immediately wanted to implement these same habits into my daily routine.

The challenge was, when do you find time to fit this stuff in when you already have a packed schedule?

I found that if I waited until the evening to read that the odds of it happening every day decreased significantly.

There are just too many opportunities for your day to go sideways and the habit to be pushed to the side.

Because of this, to ensure that reading was part of my daily routine I would do it first thing in the morning when I wake up.

That way there was never an excuse for why I didn’t do it, plus no matter what else happened during the day I know that I made myself better than I was yesterday.

For many people the thought of doing things early is a painful proposition.

They’ll tell you every excuse for why it won’t work for them.

Here’s the thing, are you committed to your success or not?

If you are then start stacking things that you want to get done early.

That way you increase your odds of the important things happening.

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Rob Cressy

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