Jaromir Jagr, a Mop, and Uncle Jesse

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Jaromir Jagr just got traded to the Florida Panthers and less than 8 hours later there’s already been a sighting of his jersey at a game. Like most of you, I had to look up to see where in the standings the Florida Panthers were. I assume it was near the bottom and I wasn’t too far off. They are in 9th place fighting for the last playoff spot. File this trade under “who cares.”

It does, however, give me an opportunity to talk about Jaromir Jagr’s mullet and look at some old school highlights when Jag’s was in his prime. When it comes to flowing locks no one did it like Jagr. Actually, I take that back, Uncle Jesse also had a mane you couldn’t tame too.


The lady rocking the Jaromir Jagr Panthers jersey no doubt is a fan because of his hair. Just take a look at the dome she’s rocking. It’s like she went to the beauty salon and asked them to make her look like a mop.

The only thing as pretty as Jagr’s mullet is his top 10 highlights. Enjoy.


H/T: The Jersey Czar

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