Jersey Sightings: Mr T Blackhawks, Roberto Clemente Pens, and a gross jersey

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Mainstream media might not give the NHL any love but we most certainly will. Yesterday was a good day for jerseys as we got some gems.

Up first is Mr. T rocking a Chicago Blackhawks jersey. I pity the foo’ who doesn’t think that Mr. T looks awesome in this jersey. Mr. T was participating in one of those shoot a puck from center ice contests at intermission of the Blackhawks vs Flames game. Amazingly he made the shot which resulted in him Wooing like the Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Speaking of the Nature Boy, I’d love to see how B.A. Baracus or Clubber Lang would have fared versus him. I don’t believe they would have taken too kindly to those knife edge chops.


This Roberto Clemente Pittsburgh Penguins jersey makes me scratch my head. I don’t wursch my clothes, eat supper, or have my fridge stocked with Iron City but I’m pretty yinzer (I have a freaking Steelers tattoo). That being said I don’t know what would compel someone to get a Robert Clemente Penguins jersey. I get that the Bucos record over the last 20 years has been about as good as Lindsay Lohan’s but that doesn’t mean that you can start taking Hall of Fame players and putting their name on the jersey of another sport. Freaking yinzers.

Shout out to @emptynetters, @Doug_Williams91, and @Evil_Shero  for this find. 


If that Roberto Clemente Penguins jersey didn’t make you sick then this Ruslan Fedotenko certainly will. Considering that Fedotenko played on the same Penguins team as Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin I can’t fathom why you would spend any cheddar on this jersey. Buying a Fedotenko jersey is just like buying a pack of runts and only eating the banana ones (and no, I won’t accept that banana runts are anything other than the worst option as typically I throw them in the trash). Who in their right mind would ever do that?

Shout out to @thesportsjudge for this find. 


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