March Madness Trivia: Cinderella’s & Legends

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After an exciting first weekend of March Madness tournament action, there were some interesting story lines, as always. UCLA is still playing after everyone told them they didn’t belong in the tournament, albeit due to a questionable goal-tending call. Wichita St. is making some noise and could potentially have a matchup with Kentucky in the Elite 8 to avenge last season’s tournament exit. And NC State upset #1 seed Villanova and has a great opportunity to advance to the Final Four. Who knows what we are in for in the second weekend?

In this week’s edition or March Madness Trivia, I test your knowledge on NCAA Tournament Cinderella squads and tournament legends. Test your skills and see what kind of expert you are.

1. Can you name two of the three 11 seeds to make the Final Four?

2. What former Dallas Maverick and NCAA tournament legend holds the record for most career points in the NCAA tournament?

3. What school can claim to have the most consecutive appearances all-time in the Sweet Sixteen with 13 straight?

4. Jeff Fryer from this legendary Cinderella squad holds the NCAA Tournament record for most 3-point baskets in an NCAA game with 11? Who are they?

5. From 2000-2009, only two SEC teams made it to the Final Four. Who are they?

6. What legendary coach has the highest number of NCAA tournament victories?

7. Of all of the players to win the NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player Award since 1980, this NBA Hall of Famer is the only winner to play for a team that did not win the tournament. Who is he?

8. What NBA All-Star is the only true freshman ever to win the NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player Award?

9. What Missouri Valley Conference Cinderella team is the only conference member ever to make the Final Four?

10. What memorable squad is the only #15 seed ever to advance to the Sweet Sixteen?

Before the answers are revealed, here are a couple of legendary tournament clips.

In college, it wasn’t even fair to try to defend this future NBA MVP…


I still wonder after all these years, why they didn’t defend the inbound pass.



1. LSU (1986), George Mason (2006), VCU (2011)
2. Christian Laettner 407 points in 23 games
3. North Carolina 1981-1993
4. Loyola Marymount in 1990
5. Florida 2000, 2006, 2007 & LSU 2006
6. Mike Krzyzewski 82 wins
7. Hakeem Olajuwon (1983)
8. Carmelo Anthony (2003)
9. Wichita St. (2013)
10. Florida Gulf Coast (2013)




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