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1991 MC Hammer edition NBA Action is Fantastic commercial is a trip

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crazy nba fan

In part two of our NBA action is Fan-Tastic piece we are going to look at an absolute gem. This video is from 1991 and is centered around MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This”.

The 30 seconds of that video were more exciting than anything that I’ve seen in the NBA in years (OK that might be a stretch but you know what I’m getting at). Obviously anything Michael Jordan does is filthy (especially if Craig Ehlo is guarding him) but that pass by Magic Johnson, the alley oop to Shawn Kemp, the blocks by Patrick Ewing and Hakeem. They all show why I loved the NBA so much back then. This definitely gave me a sports boner.

While the play on the court was awesome, the fans in this video are on a completely different level (like Milton Bradley level of crazy). Lets break it down frame by frame:

crazy nba fan yelling

Is this guy a cult follower of David Koresh or an NBA fan? The double arm fist pump/wave is going to be a common theme. Big kudos go out to this guys orange shirt with nothing on it. He must be a big Sunny D fan.

crazy nba fan yes

Single arm fist pump + early 90’s hair. Nice work. This guy looks very similar to Ted from the show “Hey Dude”

crazy nba fan sixers

You know that this picture is old because Philadelphia 76ers fans haven’t reacted like this in a real long time. Notice how not a single person is on a cell phone checking Facebook. Instead they are all going buck wild because the 76ers just scored 100 points so they get a free donut or Sir Charles just threw down a monster slam. Also, fantastic mustache by the guy in the yellow sweater. Magnum PI would be proud.

crazy nba fan mustache

Another awesome mustache with a double arm fist pump. There’s no way that a fan in Milwaukee is going this crazy over anything that Monta Ellis does.

crazy nba fan going nuts

This guy looks a lot like Clark W. Griswold. Despite how dorky he looks consider this…this dude has floor seats. Impressive. His partner to our right does a nice little dance move in the video. When was the last time you saw someone dance on the court like this? They are reacting like they just saw Vanna White naked and won the lottery at the same time. This most definitely does not happen at NBA games now.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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