Sports Trivia: NFL All-Time Stats Edition

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nfl-sports-trivia-2Welcome back to another edition of sports trivia, the single greatest part of every Friday. After a three part college football series it is now time to get back to the NFL gridiron and test your knowledge on NFL All-Time stats. Each section is labeled for each position. Hit me back on twitter @matthewglam if you have any questions or totally rock this quiz. I am still looking for the first perfect score of the year.

Your NFL Sports Trivia Quiz…begins…now!

All-Time QB Stats

Which player has more career passing yards?

  1. Drew Brees or Tom Brady?
  2. Kerry Collins or Joe Montana?
  3. Boomer Esiason or Jim Kelly?
  4. Vinny Testaverde or John Elway?
  5. Dan Marino or Warren Moon?

Which player had more career rushing yards?

  1. Edgerrin James or Warrick Dunn?
  2. Eddie George or Tiki Barber?
  3. O.J Simpson or Corey Dillon?
  4. Marshall Faulk or Marcus Allen?
  5. Eric Dickerson or Jerome Bettis?

Which player had more touchdowns?

  1. Jim Brown or Walter Payton?
  2. Cris Carter or Marvin Harrison?
  3. Shaun Alexander or Barry Sanders?
  4. Randy Moss or LaDainian Tomlinson?
  5. Franco Harris or Curtis Martin?

Which player had more sacks?

  1. Jason Taylor or John Abraham?
  2. Jared Allen or Julius Peppers?
  3. Chris Doleman or Michael Strahan?
  4. Derrick Thomas or Richard Dent?
  5. DeMarcus Ware or Simeon Rice?

All-Time NFL Leader (name the player)

  1. Sacks
  2. Touchdowns
  3. Rushing Leader
  4. Passing Yardage
  5. Interceptions

I’ll give you the answers after the bump. In staying with the theme of going back to the NFL this week for trivia, enjoy this video of everlasting love of big hits.


Part 1

  1. Drew Brees
  2. Kerry Collins
  3. Boomer Esiason
  4. John Elway
  5. Dan Marino

Part 2

  1. Edgerrin James
  2. Tiki Barber
  3. Corey Dillon
  4. Marshall Faulk
  5. Jerome Bettis

Part 3

  1. Jim Brown
  2. Cris Carter
  3. Shaun Alexander
  4. LaDainian Tomlinson
  5. Trick Question. It’s a Tie

Part 4

  1. Jason Taylor
  2. Jared Allen
  3. Chris Doleman
  4. Richard Dent
  5. Simeon Rice

Part 5

  1. Bruce Smith
  2. Jerry Rice
  3. Emmitt smith
  4. Brett Favre
  5. Paul Krause


Scorecard  (each question was worth 1 point)

21-25 points– Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

20-15 points– Close but no cigar.

14-9 points– Please come back every week. We’ll help you step your sports trivia game up.

8 or less points- You must not have been born in America.