Playoff game fans, Kirk Hinrich’s glasses, and Bo Jackson

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seahawks fan

Oh what a crazy weekend in sports it was. Like always we look at the world of sports from a different lens and aim to bring you stuff that other sites miss. Here are some pictures that we captured that got us going all C&C Music Factory by making us say “things that make you go HMMM”.

kirk hinrich glasses

Chicago Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich refuses to give homage to those elders that came before him that rocked Rec Specs. You’d think that someone in the Bulls organization would show him a picture of Ho Grant and tell him to recognize. Hinrich looks like he’s ready to go skeet shooting or participate in an indoor competitive bike race.

packers fan denver

With the Broncos up 7-0 early in the first and a big 3rd and 8 in front of the Ravens nothing says “rabid fan base” like finding the one guy in the stadium rocking an Aaron Rodgers Packers jersey. To my knowledge I’ve never been on TV but in the event that I am there’s no way that I’m going with the double thumbs up salute. It just feels like one of the lamest shows of fandom possible.

chunk in seattle

“Come on….do it….Come on….do it” TRUFFLE SHUFFLE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE! Everything about this picture screams Chunk from Goonies. As if that’s not good enough Chunk’s choice of attire is nothing short of amazing. Blue camo pants + tucked in Seahawks jersey + cell phone holder on the side of pants + at least eight different pieces of flair = amazing.

bad falcons sign

I thought that only people from New Orleans dressed up all stupid but it must be an NFC South thing. First off, “Beware of Black Birds” may be the stupidest sign I’ve ever seen. I have no clue what that means but I do know that it’s not funny, cleaver, or intimidating. Thankfully the guy who is holding the sign took the liberty to cover up 85% of his face so that no one could see what he looks like. Who knew that Darth Vader BMX helmets were acceptable football attire.

If you look right below the putrid sign you’ll notice a Falcons fan picking his nose. Keep digging for that gold bro.

bo jackson jersey

Friend of BaconSports Nick Stoner captured this dude rocking a Bo Jackson Raiders jersey in Tahoe at a restaurant and then later he was spotted in the casino. Rumor has it that he bought the jersey on eBay after watching the Bo Jackson 30 for 30 show on ESPN. First off, you are always going to get dap from me for rocking a Bo Jackson jersey. Dude was amazing. However, I would have rather heard that he bought the jersey because of Jackson’s dominance on Tecmo Bowl not because of 30 for 30. The 30 for 30 show was dope but it just added some context to a player that we already knew was crazy good. The number one thing that I took from the show was that Bo Jackson makes lots of arrows. If anything I was more compelled to go buy a BO and arrow from him than rock his jersey.

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