Red Wings Playoff Streak: A Time for Reflection

By April 15, 2013June 18th, 2018No Comments

detroit-red-wings-teamThe Detroit Redwings have made the playoffs every single year since the 1989 season. That’s twenty one straight postseason appearances for the Wingies starting during the 1990-91 season. Their playoff appearance streak is old enough to legally drink. Hell, their streak is older and way more mature than MLB Bro Bryce Harper.

The last time the Red Wings were left off the dance card Mikhail Gorbachev was Time Magazine’s Man of the Year and Ella Macpherson was the American dream for guys everywhere. Trolls were still cool, Gameboy was the illest and your sister had to have a Polly Pocket.

In the sports world, the Pete Rose scandal first became public knowledge. Kevin Costner built it, and they DID come…Shoeless Joe and all the rest. The 49ers beat the Bengals in the Superbowl (DAMN YOU MONTANA!) and the Bengals haven’t won a playoff game since the year after. The Detroit Bad Boys were NBA Champs and the Bash Brothers in Oakland were World Series Champs.

During the current streak the Red Wings been to the Stanley Cup Finals six times, winning four of them, so it’s understandable that many folks won’t feel anything but perverse joy if the streak ends this season.

Right now the Red Wings are in 8th place and hanging on by the skin of their teeth. Love em’ or hate em’ accomplishing something 21 straight times is damn impressive, especially on a professional level. I doubt Shaq ever hit 21 straight free throws, so my hats off to the Red Wings organization on a hell of a job well done.

There is a very real chance of them not making it in this year so whether your a Red Wings fan or not, why don’t you take a few minutes and reflect back on your 1989-90 sports world. Who were your icons and rivals? What do you remember most about those ‘wonder’ years?