From the Fans: lots of random jerseys and bacon

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We attribute a lot of our success to those of you who support the site by reading our articles, sending in random jersey pictures, and interacting with us on Twitter and Facebook. We want you to be a part of what we do and give you some dap in the process. Like the Lakers winning without Kobe, Bacon Nation has stepped up their game and really came hard in the paint with the content they’ve sent in. Here’s some of the best stuff from you, the fans, over the last week.


No, this isn’t the Bure that married DJ Tanner from Full House. That was Valeri (who was also on the Panthers at one point). This is a Pavel Bure Florida Panthers jersey and as you can tell it’s well out of place.

Shout out to @DaFranchize412 for this


Bacon Sports writer and standup comedian John Upton gives a tribute to John Daly by hitting beer cans off his deck right before watching the Masters. Sort of reminds me of Carl Spackler. Big hitter, the Lama.

Shout out to @uptonjcomedy for this


That’s a very solid Ken Dorsey Miami jersey right there. Dorsey balled so hard at the U and last week was just inducted into the University of Miami Hall of Fame.

Shout out to @ZNNonline for this


Shout out to @SNamiokita for this


Earlier last week we were introduced to an Iloveboobs Penguins jersey. There is no limit to which fans will customize their jerseys. This gem, sent in by @SportsEsquire, is from a guy that sits in his section a Redskins games. Whatever.


Major bonus points to this guy for being creative with his custom Mets Buckner 86 jersey. At least it references one of the biggest moments in franchise history, not your love of boobs, not caring, or the number 69.

Shout out to @OlingerIDP for this


There’s bacon candles, bacon mouth wash, and fortune telling bacon so why not bacon cotton candy? Yum!

Shout out to @12ozBears for this


Hoopsters gotta love this Darius Miles Trail Blazers jersey. If you were going to rock a Miles jersey this is the one stop where he had the most success. He averaged double digits in points as well as career highs in scoring while in Portland.

Here’s some more random Darius Miles knowledge to drop on you. The most games that he started in a season was 62 (with the Cavaliers). He also made $62 million over his NBA career.

Shout out to @DaRif_G for this


@thesportsjudge sent over a dude rocking a random Anchorage Alaska hockey jersey at a Pirates game. Since there’s an American flag patch on the front I approve.


For the sake of our Nation’s health I hope that this White Sox superfan was given this April Fools White Sox jersey. There was better logic to draft Greg Oden over Kevin Durant than there is to purchase an April Fool jersey. Extra bonus points to this guy for his Zubaz like White Sox pants.

Shout out to @PokerJack for this


Too lazy to cook bacon properly? Then the Bacon Wave is perfect for you. There’s about a 4% chance that this is actually good because otherwise we’d all have been cooking bacon in the microwave in the first place.

Shout out to @Dave_Ockrim  for this


This guy rocking an Ed Belfour Blackhawks jersey decided that he’d create his own standing room only seats.

Shout out to @DaFranchize412  for this


As we’ve shown bacon comes in many forms. It’s good to see that hot dogs are getting in on the action. I have no doubt that this is delicious.

Shout out to @thesportsjudge  for this


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