Redneck Dante Culpepper Jersey

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Dante Culpepper Jersey


Dante Culpepper Jersey – Vikings

Camo hat + cargo khaki shorts + Dante Culpepper jersey = poor redneck (aka what everyone thinks a Nascar fan looks like). This guy isn’t a Dante Culpepper fan, he just doesn’t care about anything other than hunting, drinking beer, and taking dumps.

Him wearing this jersey is actually very appropriate because in Culpepper’s last year with the Vikings (2005) his play on the field was about as pretty as someone taking a dump (Culpepper threw eight INT’s to zero TD’s in the first two games that season).

It’s a shame that Dante Culpepper got injured in that 05′ season because he definitely showed flashes of very goodness (greatness is only to be used for the truly great…like Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin, and Wilt Chamberlain’s way with the ladies) at different times in his career. I’m pretty confident that had this Vikings NASCAR fan had the opportunity he would have gone buck wild on the Vikings Boat Party Scandal.

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