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Ryder Cup Fans And Random Jerseys Spotted

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You didn’t think that the Ryder Cup could be in my backyard without me going and reporting back on the Hoopsters and football fans rocking random jerseys, right? Well lucky for you Sports and Hoopster Nation didn’t disappoint. 99% of people there looked like a walking 4th of July parade, rocking the red white and blue like Dusty Baker rocks toothpicks. The other 0.7% were rooting for team Europe and dressed like they were getting ready for the late shift at Medieval Times. The other 0.3% of the crowd are my kind of people. The ones that say screw conformity, I’m going to rock a Clyde Drexler Rockets jersey on the Sunday of the Olympics of golf. To those few I salute you! Here’s some of the best jersey and people that I saw at the Ryder Cup. I do want to give one caveat, typically I don’t post just any jersey that I see but this was a special occasion. The fact that someone would wear a jersey to this event was fantastic enough for me.

ryder cup fans

Here’s an example of what the typical fan was rocking at the Ryder Cup. Keep that in mind when you see these stylin’ and profilin’ jersey wearers.

clark griswold blackhawks jersey

This is not the first Clark Griswold Chicago Blackhawks jersey that I’ve captured so it does lose a tad bit of originality. That being said if you don’t dig Clark W Griswold then you can get the hell out of Medina. Like this guy I’m jonesing for the NHL to get back.  Dear Gary Bettman, please stop being the worst commissioner in sports and get the players back on the ice.

Aaron Rodgers Packers jersey

Discount Double Check getting a little bit of love. By the way, if you ever go to a big time golf tournament make sure you bring something to stand on. It makes the experience about 200% more enjoyable since you can see over everyone.

Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls jersey

Nothing says high fashion like a sweatshirt tied around your waist with a Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls jersey and khaki cargo shorts on.

Michael Jordan Team USA jersey

Michael Jordan Olympic jersey, respect. Great job of supporting the U-S of A and rocking a jersey at the same time.

Michael Jordan Ryder Cup

Speaking of the devil, look which scrub I came across. This was the first time I’ve ever seen Michael Jordan and 12 year old me as well as 32 year old me was as excited as Pacman Jones in a stripclub.

Ryder Cup pervert jersey

This is the only European that I captured so please use this picture and create whatever stereotype you’d like. Who knew that Paul Lawrie fans were so wild.

Chicago Bears Brandon Marshall jersey

As you can see this Chicago Bears fan was quick to jump off the Johnny Knox/Devin Hester/Barnyard Berrian WR train and jump aboard one that is actually good. Assuming Brandon Marshall doesn’t get into a Chris Brown/Drake sort of bottle fight at The Underground then this jersey should have some staying power.

freddy couples with hot chick

Freddy Couples was standing next to some chick that was a total smokeshow. I don’t know if that’s his wife, one of Tiger’s chicks, or someone that MJ set him up with but who cares. Apparently it does pay to be a professional golfer. On a separate but related note, unfortunately I couldn’t get a pic of it but Phil Mickelson’s wife Amy was even hotter in person than she is on TV.

jj watt houston texans jersey

When this guy woke up I’m pretty sure that he was confident that there wouldn’t be anyone else at the Ryder Cup rocking a JJ Watt Houston Texans jersey. He was right.

clyde drexler houston rockets jersey

The award for my favorite outfit of the Ryder Cup goes to this hoopster rocking a Clyde Drexel Houston Rockets jersey with red pants and matching Air Jordan’s. I’ve always found it interesting that you never hear a peep about the Houston Rockets taking Hakeem Olajuwon number one overall instead of Michael Jordan. Sure the Rockets won two NBA titles and Olajuwon was one of the top five Centers ever but Michael Jordan was the greatest NBA player ever. I’m not going to make a Skip Bayless type of argument here but it’s something to think about.

ryder cup leaderboard

One day after the Ryder Cup and seeing the picture of this scoreboard midway through Sunday makes me absolutely sick. The US was up in 4 matches to Europe’s 2 and everything else was all square. Even if the US lost 5 out of the 6 all squared matches and only took a half a point in the other then they would have won. That’s nauseating.

crazy minnesota vikings fans in random jerseys

On the bridge at 17 I came across these crazy Minnesota Vikings fans. There was about ten of them and they were loud and yelling at Europeans. Way to represent the NFL and the land that Prince built.

All in all the Ryder Cup was one of the best experiences of my life. It was $217 well spend (bought via Stubhub) and unlike spending that money at the bar on Jamo shots I will actually remember this. Sure the result was absolutely horrible but it’s not often that you get to witness history…even if the US was on the wrong end of it.

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