Hard Sports Trivia: Sports Announcer Edition

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sports-announcer-triviaRandom ass trivia for a kick ass end to the work week. Unless you’re a lover of sports and write about it, meaning you are pretty much on call all weekend. Oh damn, sorry honey, I have to watch the game for work, I will cut the grass later.

This week we drop an all sports announcer edition of hard sports trivia. Test your knowledge of the guys in the booth who call the games.

Baseball Announcers

  1. Long time voice of the LA Dodgers, some would say he used to do the games for the Brooklyn Dodgers as well.
  2. New TV guy for Arizona Diamondbacks games, former analyst for the Chicago Cubs.
  3. Cheese land long time announcer, famous card game and the awesome announcer in Major League.

Hockey Announcers

  1. The best in the world, period. Does all the games for NBC and is a regular for the New York Rangers.
  2. After a 2 year hiatus waiting for Dollar Bill to die, and sick of only being heard on road games, this “big save” announcer is back and better than ever.
  3. Analyst for Nashville Predators radio, one of the best fighters in the league back in the day.

NBA Announcers

  1. Biter, toupee.
  2. Deadpan delivery, all over the place with Olympics, New York Knicks, ABC and ESPN.
  3. TV analyst for the Atlanta Hawks, human highlight reel in his playing days.

NFL Announcers

  1. The current “best” duo on Fox. They get all the big games and the matchup of the week.  Name them both.
  2. Monday Night Football “I really like that kid” analyst.
  3. Name 3 of the 5 studio heads for the CBS Gameday show.

The best in the world at his best, remix!!



  1. Vin Scully
  2. Bob Brenly
  3. Bob Uecker


  1. Mike “doc” Emrick
  2. Patrick Foley
  3. Stu Grimson


  1. Marv Albert
  2. Mike Breen
  3. Dominique Wilkins


  1. Troy Aikman and Joe Buck
  2. Jon Gruden
  3. Bill Cowher, Dan Marino, Shannon Sharpe, James Brown, Boomer Esiason.