Tracy McGrady and the Spurs: Cursed

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tracy-mcgrady-spursTracy McGrady recently signed a contract with the San Antonio Spurs for the playoff run. If you have any discretionary income do not spend it renting a car this weekend like many people in the hood will, rather go right to the sports book and plop down your hard earned dough on the Spurs to lose in the first round of the playoffs. There has never been a bigger kiss of death than once superstar now turned last resort veteran T-Mac and his NBA squad dipping out in the first round like Travis Henry in a paternity suit. He is more famous for never having won a playoff series in his career than Dan Marino and Karl Malone are for being the best players never to win championships.

By the way, Tracy McGrady is only 33 years old! There is no freaking way. He is like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in that he was the hot topic and new star on the scene but peaked so young that despite still being comparatively young today, he is considered old and washed up minus the drug problems. To give perspective, T-Mac has been in the association since Rick Berry was shooting free throws under handed and was in the same draft class as #randomathletes God Shammgod and Serge Zwikker. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Let’s catch up and see what the hell this ancient artifact has been up to. Since averaging a robust 5.3 ppg with the Atlanta Hawks in 2011, he left the NBA-aka no team wanted the 32 year old dinosaur- he took his talents over to the Qingdao Eagles of the Chinese Basketball League. Cue up a renaissance in his career like Fred Couples in the Masters to the tune of a 25 points/7 rebounds/5 assists average for the year in China. Naturally his team finished in last place in the league and there was no postseason success. The more things change, the more they stay the same, Tracy.

Let’s look at his playoff career and why this should be a red flag for the Spurs. 0-2 as a member of the Orlando Magic. In 2003 the upstart Magic rolled to a demanding 3-1 lead over 1 seed Detroit Pistons and said it felt great to finally be in position to advance to the second round. Boom Roasted! The Pistons come back to win. 0-3 as a Houston Rocket. Blew a 2-0 lead to the Dallas Mavericks, but in his defense Shawn Bradley was patrolling the paint for Dallas. Lost in back to back years against the Utah Jazz. His 2009 campaign should have been the music video for Phil Collins “True Colors”, as T-Mac played only 6 games and missed most of that season including the playoffs, yet the Rockets were no longer cursed by his presence and won their first round series. Play on playa.

The San Antonio Spurs have to be thinking…actually, I don’t know what the hell they are thinking. Granted he is no longer the focal point of a team, but how can Pop and the air tight Spurs organization bring in a loser like T-Mac and make a statement that they are for real? Whatever team lands the #7 seed in the West will be licking their chops like Brady Anderson did at a fastball during his clean “breakout” 50 home run season. The Spurs are playing with fire by adding this 33 year old antique with a history of losing when it counts more than the Buffalo Bills. If they aren’t careful the ghost of playoff T-Mac past will come to haunt them like the Billy Goat does the Chicago Cubs.


Tom Hamm

Tom Hamm

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