Two of the Worst Jerseys You’ll Ever See Together

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Northcutt Garcia Browns Jersey

Earlier today I posted a picture of two guys rocking a Curtis Enis and Brian Cox Chicago Bears jersey. Just when I thought that I’d hit rock bottom (or in the case of our site, the pinnacle) someone goes out and delivers something even more mind blowing. I present to you what is most definitely the worst duo of sports fans wearing NFL jerseys EVER…here are a Dennis Northcutt and Jeff Garcia Cleveland Browns jersey.

If you remove my yinzer bias from this and look at it from a completely objective NFL fan standpoint these are still two of the worst jerseys ever. Despite the fact that Dennis Northcutt had decent numbers with the Browns it’s almost impossible to get past the fact that he dropped what was the most important pass for the Cleveland Browns in the last 10 years. What did it cost the Browns? Only a playoff victory…on the road…against their most hated rivals, the Steelers. He makes the catch, the game is over. Instead the Steelers get the ball, score, and the game is over. No way I’d ever be caught dead wearing his jersey if I were a Browns fan.

As for Jeff Garcia, he is best known for completely out kicking his coverage. His wife is Carmella DeCesare. While in Cleveland Garica led the Browns to a 3-7 record, how very Tim Couch of him. The highlight of that seasons was against the Cowboys when Garcia went 8 for 27 for 71 yards and 3 INT’s. That gave him a passer rating of zero…the same as you and I who were sitting at the bar drinking $3 Budweisers. Since there’s not much else to talk about with regards to Garcia’s time with the Browns I figured I’d show you another picture of his wife.

Special shout out to Tom Hamm for this picture. It’s going to be tough for someone to send in something as gross/awesome as this.

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