Throw an Octopus on the Ice for this Vladimir Konstantinov Jersey

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Vladimir Konstantinov Jersey


Vladimir Konstantinov Jersey – Red Wings

What can you say about the jersey of a very good player who’s career was cut short because a limo driver crashed into a tree and it left him in a wheel chair? That’s the case with this Vladimir Konstantinov Red Wings jersey that a fan was rocking in Chicago at last nights game.

You have to give mad props to this chick (I think it’s a chick…who else wears a turtle neck and has a Bob Ross/Bruce Jenner-like haircut) for not only owning a hockey jersey but a very rare one (especially in Chicago) of a player that is gone but not forgotten. Kudos to you “Pat”. If only you were hotter that would have made all of this so much better.

Extra Nugget: Konstantinov’s #16 has not been retired by the Red Wings but no player has worn that number since.

-Special thanks to Victor Marinier for this spot.

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