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Why I Love to Hear No

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love to hear no

This article is about why I love to hear No and you should too. The sooner you do the quicker you’ll become a top performer, improve your quality of life, and become more successful.

Most people shut down and get discouraged after hearing the word No or getting rejected. It’s natural. However, what if you train your brain to think the opposite and learn to love No?

After college I started working at Toshiba selling copiers. Of course I thought I was hot shit and could sell anything during training. Then real life slaps you in the face when you try selling a $40k copier on a 72-month lease to a Law firm in Huntersville, NC. Believe it or not those Toshiba’s didn’t sell themselves. Anyone that has sold copiers will tell you it’s the most cutthroat competitive sales jobs in the world.

I heard no all the time and for a young salesperson there’s nothing worse for your confidence when you’re just getting started. I had to get better and think differently or I’d be living back at my parents house working at the bus garage for my Mom. Luckily, I had a great sales manager who helped me put a dollar figure on each of those NO’s.

Generally I would make about $1000 per copier sold but would have to demo 9 or 10 companies before making a sale. That meant each no was worth about $100! Over time I would work aggressively on my conversion rate and sales acumen to get that no to be worth closer to $250. Once you change your mindset and attitude when faced with rejection it has a positive effect on your confidence and momentum moving forward.

Over time I have taken this same methodology and applied it to everything from phone calls for inside sales jobs to girls I’d like to date. It’s a game of numbers and averages out there so quantifying the no’s makes it fun and you’ll learn to love it.

NO is also when the sales process BEGINS. It’s much easier for people to say no. However, most people do not take pleasure in telling people no. This is where people are most vulnerable and where you can capitalize. I can remember many times I would hear no 4-5 times from the same prospect before getting the sale.

A timely example of this is when you would ask your parents for something at the supermarket and they would say no. But you wouldn’t stop there. You would ask no less than 5 more times and what happened more times than not? You’d get them to say yes to that pack of baseball cards or those sour patch kids you couldn’t live without. So take this mentality and apply it to your personal and professional life with charisma and confidence and you will have the world in your hands.


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This guest post was written by Greg Hunter

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