A look back at the crazy 2013 college football season

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2013-college-football-look-backAlthough the start of this year’s college bowl season was slow, the beginning of 2014 finally brought great games with the Rose, Fiesta and Sugar Bowls all crushing it. There are still a few games remaining, including the National Championship between Auburn and Florida State. The two teams in the title game are a testament to how this year in college football has been crazier than a Joaquin Phoenix documentary about being a rapper. If you look at the beginning of this college football season to now there are many things that we all weren’t prepared for. Let’s take a look back of some of the moments that happened earlier this year that really don’t matter now.

Alabama and Oregon Fans wanting each other

Surely, you all saw the Oregon students selling the “We want Bama” shirts earlier this year, The Crimson Tide responded with their “You don’t want Bama” shirt. Thanks to Stanford, you can find the Oregon version in Goodwill stores across the state now, but at least they won their bowl game.

All the hype about Jadeveon Clowney

Since Clowney’s hit on Vincent Smith in the last year’s Outback Bowl, he’s had his eyes on the NFL. He was a Heisman favorite week one, but not after that. A few missed games for rest had fans in South Carolina more heated than a Duck Dynasty Facebook argument. He’s officially going pro now, so let’s see how many DUI’s he gets his Rookie season.

Johnny Manziel’s off field antics

Johnny Manziel is a lot like Johnny Dakota from Saved by the Bell. He’s young and popular, he loves to party, and he gets major tail. He won the Heisman as a Freshman, I would have partied too. He got kicked out of the Manning’s football camp early in the Summer an everyone speculated that this would be a sophomore jinx season for Manziel, but he put up better numbers than last year. Truth is, dude can ball, but what we all want to know is if he’s NFL material? We’ll find out soon enough.

The Georgia Bulldogs

Umm…What in the world happened to Georgia this year? Injuries. Make sure to not skip the weight room, guys. They played in the best opening season game by far this year against Clemson, losing close in a shootout against Clemson, but then the injuries started to come. This was possibly the most disappointing season for any team in the country. Their season was much like watching Miley Cyrus this year, it just got worse. Their bowl loss to Nebraska probably has Mark Richt hiding somewhere in Athens like the Governor on the Walking Dead after he went crazy.

The 2013 Preseason Poll

The top 5 teams in the preseason AP Poll were 1. Alabama 2. Ohio State 3. Oregon 4. Stanford 5. Georgia

Each team on this list thought they were going to win the National Championship this year, so far, 4 of the 5 teams lost their bowl games, and All 5 will have to watch Florida State, ranked 11th in the preseason poll, play Auburn, not ranked in the top 25 in the preseason poll.  This just goes to show you that preseason polls are as reliable as Lou Holtz’s speech therapist.





John Upton

John Upton

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