A Weekend Of Bills Mafia Awesomeness

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Someone who’s been crushing it lately is Bacon Sports Baconator and Bills Mafia member @780BillsMafia. In the last week he was at the Thursday Night Football Packers vs Lions game where he ran into The Majik Man Don Majkowski. Did you know that Don Majkowski played for both the Packers and the Lions? While in Detroit he backed up Scott Mitchell #nextlevel.

He also ran into a Lions fan entirely decked out entirely in football pads, helmet, & custom jersey. I’m anti-helmet because it makes drinking beer super difficult. That is unless you are wearing a Scott Player face mask.

This next photo he captured at Ford Field 30 minutes after the Lions lost via heartbreaking Hail Mary by Discount Doublecheck. You can feel the pain.


He was also at the Texans @ Bills game where his friend was trolling enough to buy him a Bills Jordan Gay jersey to wear. In case you are wondering who Jordan Gay is, he’s the Bills kickoff specialist. Yep, the Bills have a guy who only does kickoffs. And guess what, he’s not even that good at it. He’s 21st among NFL kickers in average kickoff distance. Freaking Rex Ryan and feet.

While tailgating he ran into the only existing XFL fan as well as a Bills fan who found a way to repurpose his expired Ryan Fitzpatrick jersey with a little duct tape. Say hello to my new Sammy Watkins jersey! He also captured a delicious Doug Flutie Bills jersey, which is about a thousand times better than a Rob Johnson jersey.

On top of these jerseys, the Bills Mafia has been crushing lately, just ask Santa Claus.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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