Giving some dap to some old school stadium food

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stadium-foodThere’s nothing quite like a good day or night at a ball game, right? Enjoying the sport you love, hanging out with family and friends, and rooting your team to victory. Without being at the ballpark, everyone can turn up their nose like Matt Jones going in for some coke and get that familiar whiff of the smell of being at a ballgame. You smell that? No it is not what the Rock is cooking; it’s the aroma of ballpark food.

Here at Bacon Sports we are all foodies and love our eats, especially @thesportsjudge‘s affinity for bacon. And what better place to grub then at your favorite stadium or arena? I have been attending sports games since I was 4 years old and have fond memories just like you, especially the eats. However, all of the new options for food at ball games are as whack as seeing Patrick Ewing rock the green and yellow of the Seattle Supersonics. I want to breakdown the original favorites and still champions (unlike Karl Malone) for sporting events.


I am starting with the nuts because eating peanuts at any game is almost a necessity. Fans smuggle them in like I take flasks of liquor to winter football games. Cracking the shell, eating the nut and tossing the shell is a ritual as pure as Ken Griffey Jr’s swing. Look around the yard and you see shells all over the ground and parents and kids sharing this great tradition. Now is the time to tell you I do not get to enjoy this due to my allergy to peanuts. However, my jackass friends make sure to pretend my beer is a pop-a-shot hoop and try to land shells in my drink so I can get my fill.

Hot Dogs:

Is there anything more American than enjoying a hot dog at a sporting event? Well maybe Hulk Hogan waving the stars and stripes at WrestleMania. You can get franks anywhere but nowhere do they taste as angelic as they do at a stadium. The simple dog wrapped lightly in paper so you can dress them plain and dry like a Bill Belichick presser or with the works like John Daly’s wardrobe. My personal go to is the dog with ketchup and stadium mustard at a Cleveland sporting game. Bottom line is there is no wrong way to have your hot dog and eat it. Dollar Dog nights? Hell yes please!


While not a solid food, this is a staple at any sporting event. While we all know ballpark beer is more overpriced than Rashard Lewis’ max contract and it tastes as good as seeing the Miami Heat lose. It is crisp and refreshing, cools you off on a warm summer night, warms you up during a cold football game, and makes you feel like you drank from Freddy Couples fountain of youth. Nothing beats sharing a cold one with your old man at the game, and even throwing the bottles onto the field. Ok that is only because I am from Cleveland where we think that is acceptable. I have even paid $12 for a beer at old Yankee stadium and while steep, it still tasted so fresh and amazing. They must put the same stuff in stadium beers that Chris Brown uses to lure in girls at clubs.


Last but not least is my favorite food at a ballgame. The Holy Triumvirate of all ballpark eats. No, I do not need the new aged nachos that have more toppings than an Oliver Miller pizza. What I am talking about is the simple plastic container with the chips in the middle, 2 side containers for cheese and salsa. Let’s get the record straight that I go cheese on one side and salsa on the other, with the cho’s covered in jalapenos like they were tattoos on the Birdman Chris Andersen. To each their own with what sides they want in the container, but if you do not have jalapenos on your nachos, then I just assume you are a communist and rooted for Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. They are so good I even have a friend who is rumored to have eaten his nachos, napped at halftime in the Dawg Pound, got back up and got another order. That is definition man’s game.

So there you have it, my favorite delicacies at sports games. I think the new food options like Sushi, pasta stations, and restaurants inside of stadium is as childish as the girls Mark Chumra did his thing with. I am all about old school here and these foods reminds me of when my old man used to take me to Indians, Browns, and Cavs games when I was a young pup. I can taste these foods and smell the atmosphere just thinking about them.

So let’s hear what you have to say. Do you agree with these foods, or do you have other go to foods at your parks? Are you old school and simple like me or do you get down with all of the new options?



Tom Hamm

Tom Hamm

Cleveland sports freak living in Cincinnati who still owns an original Charlotte Hornets pullover. Obsessed with umpires strike 3 calls and ballpark nachos. Recreational games all-pro.