Because its the Cup: the Best of the Rest from our Blackhawks Stanley Cup Tickets Giveaway

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blackhawks-winWhat a contest!!! Stanley Cup Finals tickets brought out the best in Blackhawks fans and the play on the ice was more amazing than Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy. Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry. We asked for creativity and you Baconators did not disappoint. We had dudes dressed as chicks which is the white version of Tyra Banks, mascots talking shit to Bruins fans and Revolutionary War re-enactments. These were kick ass submissions that would make even Terrell Owens proud of his quarterback.

However, we do have to take issue with one thing. There was not a single entry involving bacon. None. Zero. Zilch. Had someone even held up a piece of bacon in a picture or video their odds of being selected as the winner would have increased by about 5000%. Bacon is in our freaking name. This is so obvious that someone on Craiglist could have picked up on it. I digress.

What started as a simple Craigslist post, blew up into an awesome giveaway for a great group of fans. Here’s the winning video from Ashley Lovinelli plus some entries that definitely deserved some dap.

The Winner

Ashley came strong with a great combination of Blackhawks love, using many Hawks references only real fans would know and her creativity using them was a great mix of awesomeness. Congrats to her for winning the tickets and enjoying two games of hockey in one night.

Here is the best of the Rest


Rich Funk was kind of enough to take us back to our roots when the Blackhawks won the Revolutionary War for us. Thanks to those two Canadians, Shaw and Keith, for coming down to help the US beat the British. Very solid.


Spiderhawk’s entry was totally awesome. Thanks to Brad for riding the pink line with no shame on the way to work. Reminded me of the crazy idea that Vinny Del Negro could be an NBA coach.

A pair of lovely young ladies brought it with a Thrift shop “Hawks” remix.  That is quite a thrift shop they shot their video in.

Dudes dressed as chicks can be disturbing but because its the cup, it is freaking awesome. Here is the video from our contest that even Kelly Kapowski got jealous of.

Again, thanks for the huge respone to our Blackhawks Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 giveaway. It was a huge success thanks to all of you. The submissions were great and please look forward to more contests involving awesome shit from Bacon Sports. If you have any ideas for contests or there is something you really want and think you can win, hit us up on twitter @baconsports.