Happy Birthday to Dennis Rodman, Mike Martz, and Bobby Valentine

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The sports birthdays for May 13th include boxing great Joe Louis, Mike Martz, who gave us the greatest show on turf and tried his best to make Jay Cutler a good quarterback, Barry Zito, the $126 million dollar man which at the time of the contract was the richest for a pitcher, and Bobby Valentine. I hope Bobby is celebrating in Japan, the only place he has been successful lately. Did he really think he could turn the Red Sox around with his tough approach? Godzilla please.

But lets really celebrate the birthday of a man unlike any other, Dennis Rodman. The NBA rebounding stud who won 5 titles over the course of his career, wore a wedding dress, played just the tip with Carmen Electra and changed the color of his hair more often than Adam Dunn strikes out.

Dennis has recently become a BFF of North Korean dictator Kim-Jung un, which makes less sense than the Islanders signing Rick DiPietro to a 15 year contract. The oppressive dictator of North Korea has welcomed Dennis with open arms so to commemorate the Worm’s birthday and ability to keep up with foreign relations here’s a video of him and Karl Malone getting into a skirmish during the 1998 NBA Finals.