Happy Birthday to Tony Gwynn, Prince Fielder, and Doug Christie

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doug-christie-fightThe sports birthdays for May 9 include former NL Cy Young award winner Brandon Webb, one of the greatest pure hitters of All-Time in Tony Gwynn, Prince Fielder (who’s first commercial was for McDonald’s with his Dad when he was a little tike), an NHL great in Steve Yzerman, and former goon Tony Twist.

Despite the lofty accomplishments of many of those players it was Doug Christie that stood above the rest. He played 14 seasons in the NBA, made over $51 million and an NBA All-Defense first team, but it is Doug Christie’s wife (Jackie Christie) that I most remember about him. Dude was more whipped than a Devo video. As a decent to good NBA player you can imagine the type of lifestyle that you could potentially lead. Smoking hot women throwing themselves at you at all times. Doesn’t sound too shabby, unless of course you are Jackie Christie who is crazy and will have none of that.

To help add some manliness to Doug Christie here’s a video of him and Rick Fox fighting.


Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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