Harbaugh brothers drinking game for the Super Bowl

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harbaugh brothers

harbaugh brothersSo, you say you’re not really into this year’s Super Bowl, and that you’re just kind of using it as an excuse for a Sunday Funday?  You think that you’d rather drink some beers and watch the Beyoncé half time show than marvel at Colin Kaepernick’s ability to throw the deep ball?  Well, then just do what others have done to enjoy The Wizard of Oz, Presidential Debates, and any time Brent Musburger talks: play a drinking game.

To be honest, this game is meant for the Super Bowl but if you watch, listen to, or read about sports any time in the next week, this game will still probably get you pretty loaded.  Enjoyed, and remember to always watch sports responsibly.

The Harbaugh Bowl Drinking Game Rules

  • Any time anyone says the name Harbaugh, take a drink.
  • Any time both brothers are shown on the screen at the same time (including pictures/videos of them playing football together as kids), drink until at least one Harbaugh is no longer on the screen.
  • Any time they show Jim Harbaugh (the 49ers Coach) making that really creepy face – like he just took a shot of something really bad, take a shot of something (this might be a bad idea).
  • Any time John Harbaugh (the Ravens Coach) hugs his players, take a shot.
  • Any time a member of the Harbaugh family is on the screen (including the coaches’ parents, sister, or brother-in-law Tom Crean), drink until they are no longer on the screen.  If the announcers discuss which team the family is cheering for, finish your drink.
  • If the announcers talk about the game making things “awkward around the dinner table”, finish your drink.
  • If Jim is shown throwing something or is screaming at a ref, take a drink.
  • If the Harbaugh brothers start screaming at each other on the field, take a shot and finish your drink.  The game is over.  Pay attention to the TV, something awesome is about to happen.

If the game ends and you’re not blacked out, you cheated.  Either that, or you have a drinking problem.


Photo Credit: Lights on – Lockerdome