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Best Random Jerseys Rocked at Lollapalooza Day One

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Giant music festivals is where Hoopsters bring out the best jerseys that they’ve got. Think of it as the Super Bowl for jerseys. At the first day of Lollapalooza Hoopster Nation came hard and definitely represented the best jerseys of any single day that I’ve ever seen.

I’m working to make Bacon Sports the number one destination for Hoopsters and random jerseys. If you dig this site or you and you and your friends are Hoopsters I’d appreciate if you could throw me a bone and let others know about the site. If the jerseys you rock or ones that you capture on your phone/camera are good enough I’ll post them. In the event that I gave you a card at Lollapalooza or your jersey appears here shoot me an email at: rob@baconsports.com. I’ll give you credit on the site for the jersey and will link to your Twitter handle. On top of that I’ll be compiling the Top 5 jerseys of all of Lollapalooza and I’ll be sending out some special Bacon Sports-style swag to each of those Top 5.

Here’s the best of the Hoopster jerseys in no order:

Rony Seikaly Heat Jersey

Rony Seikaly will go down as one of my favorite players/jerseys ever. Not only was he an NBA player who made millions (over $27 million in his career), not only was he married to the beautiful Elsa Benitez, but since all of that was not cool enough he decided that he’d become a DJ and tour the world. Advantage: Rony Seikaly’s life.

Dale Davis Kenny Anderson Jerseys

The best duo jerseys without a doubt go to these two Hoopsters rocking a Dale Davis Portland Trailblazers and Kenny Anderson Boston Celtics jerseys. I’ve never seen anyone rock either of them so I was uber impressed. Word has it that the guy in the Dale Davis jersey has a crazy good jersey collection. We’ll see if he can back that up by having an impressive day two and three at Lollapalooza.

Here’s the juicy info that you need to know about Kenny Anderson. He has been married three times and has seven children with five different women. He’s not to Shawn Kemp or Travis Henry’s level yet but you’ve gotta start somewhere. One of the baby’s momma’s is DJ Spinderella from Salt-n-Pepa and another is some chick that appeared on The Real World: Los Angeles and VH1’s Basketball Wives. I think it’s safe to say that Kenny Anderson’s “list” doesn’t stack up anywhere near Derek Jeter’s.

My favorite thing about Dale Davis is that he was traded along with Dan Dickau from the Portland Trailblazers to the Golden State Warriors for Nick Van Exel. Any time you can say Dan Dickau and Nick Van Exel in the same sentence you most certainly do. If you ever wondered what a workman like 8 ppg and 8 boards over an NBA career would get you then wonder no longer. Dale Davis made over $77 million over his 16 year NBA career. Let that marinade for a second as you finish up your TPS report.

Grant Hill Charles Barkley Jersey

By themselves I wouldn’t post either the Grant Hill Detroit Pistons or Charles Barkley Phoenix Suns jersey. They are way too common and there’s nothing cool about that. I decided to throw this in to further elevate the Dale Davis/Kenny Anderson duo.

Drazen Petrovic jersey

If you appreciate this Drazen Petrovic New Jersey Nets jersey then there is nothing else that I need to write. You know why this jersey is one of the best. If you don’t know who Drazen Petrovic is then watch this tribute video scored to “I’ll Be Missing You” by Puff Daddy and Faith Evans. Who doesn’t love a good montage like that.

Brian Scalabrine Bulls Jersey

I posted a Brian Scalabrine Chicago Bulls jersey a week or two ago so I’m not going to go into a ton of detail about this. I just wanted to show you what another person looks like who spends their money on a Brian Scalabrine jersey.

Ed OBannon Nets Jersey

This is me rocking my Ed O’Bannon New Jersey Nets jersey. There are few jerseys out there that I deem as good as this one (for obvious reasons, it’s Ed freaking O’Bannon). If you think that you’ve got a better one then let me see it.

Michael Jordan Half and Half Jersey

Since I live in Chicago, Michael Jordan Bulls jerseys are about as common as people complaining about the weather in the winter. What I’ve decided to do is try and capture as many different Jordan jerseys as I can. This one goes down in the worst jersey ever Hall of Fame. This is the half Washington Bullets, half Chicago Bulls Jordan jersey. I get the novelty of wearing two teams on one jerseys but come on. This looks about as good as Tyrone Hill. Plus, any respecting Bulls/NBA fan would rather forget his time in Washington.

John Kruk Phillies Jersey

WALKOFF! You can just drop the bat and head home because this is one of the best jerseys that I’ve ever seen. If the guy wearing this John Kruk Philadelphia Phillies jerseys isn’t from Philadelphia then he instantly becomes one of my favorite people ever. There isn’t a real logical reason why you’d have this jersey otherwise. We are in Chicago, the Cubs aren’t playing the Phillies, and even though Kruky was a very good player (he hit .300 for his career and was a three time All Star) he wouldn’t be at the top of your list of random players that you’d want to buy his jerseys. Thus, that is why this jersey is so awesome.

Philip Rivers Chargers Jersey

The worst jersey of day one of Lollapalooza goes to this Philip Rivers San Diego Chargers jersey. First off, Philip Rivers acts like a smug dick and I can’t stand him. Second, there is nothing cool about wearing a jersey of a quarterback that can’t win playoff games none the less not take your team to the Super Bowl despite having immense talent around him. Boo this guy! I would have given this guy way more love had he been wearing a David Carr, Sage Rosenfels, or Jared Lorenzen jersey.

Dennis Rodman Lakers Jersey

Earlier in July someone sent in a Dennis Rodman Dallas Mavericks jersey and I was super impressed. Rodman ended his career with the Mavericks and only played in 12 games there. Considering most people don’t even remember that he was on the Mavericks seeing this jersey ranks up there with some of the best. Right before he went to the Mavericks Rodman spent 23 games with the Lakers. His time spent there was short lived and very Worm-like. He gave them a pedestrian 2.1 ppg but an astounding 11.2 boards in only 28 minutes of action per game. That’s the magic of the Worm. Few players were as good as he was at controlling the boards. Like the Mavericks jerseys I give made love to this Dennis Rodman Los Angeles Lakers jersey due to the fact that he was there for such a short period of time and few people actually remembered that he was there.

Mark Price Cavs Jersey

This Mark Price Cleveland Cavaliers is just an all around “good” jersey. It’s not as cool as seeing a Craig Ehlo jersey but you’ve gotta tip your cap to this guy. Price was a deadly shooter and one of the better white guys in the NBA in the 80’s/90’s. It’s nice to see someone giving him some love.

One random nugget about Mark Price: most people remember that Karl Malone was opposed to Magic Johnson playing in the NBA after the AIDS thing came out. What people forget is that Mark Price was another one of the players that was also opposed to it.

Kobe Bryant High School Jersey

This is a Kobe Bryant Lower Marion High School jersey and is the only Kobe Bryant jersey you’ll likely ever see on this site. When a player is elite there becomes nothing cool about seeing a Hoopster in his jersey. The only way to create an exception to this rule is if you can rock his High School jersey. That makes it a throwback.

We all know that Kobe was a baller in High School but how good was he really? His junior year he averaged 31 ppg, 10 boards, and 5 assists. He followed that up his senior year by averaging 31 ppg, 12 boards, 6 assists, 4 steals, and almost 4 blocks. That’s what it would take for you to be drafted 13th overall in the NBA draft out of High School.

Darco Milicic Pistons Jersey

When you see a Hoopster wearing a jersey and one of the first thoughts is “gross” then he has done a good job. That’s how I responded when I saw this guy rocking a Darko Milicic Detroit Pistons jersey.

When I see a Darko jersey I can’t help but think of how bad Joe Dumars messed up this pick. Because the Pistons won an NBA Title in Darko’s second season Dumars seems to get a pass. Instead of Darko the Pistons could have had Carmelo Anthony and who knows how good they could have been. Sure, winning an NBA Title is great. No question about that. However, if they had Carmelo on their team could they possibly have won two? three? seven?

Gilbert Arenas Arizona jersey

This trio of Hoopsters were pretty cool. The gem of their jerseys was the Gilbert Arenas Arizona Wildcats jersey. I’m not really sure how to think of someone wearing a Gilbert Arenas jersey. At one point he was good enough to get a max contract from the Washington Wizards. That would almost certainly disqualify his jersey from being worn and deemed random enough to get love from Hoopsters. Arenas struggled with injures once he got paid and all of a sudden became severely overpaid and not worth the money (Joe Johnson will be the next Gilbert Arenas). Arenas is so far from being the guy that once averaged 29.3 ppg that he got amnestied by the Magic and they decided that they’d rather pay him to not play for their team. Since this guy is rocking an Arenas Arizona jersey I think it’s OK. Like the Kobe Bryant High School jersey he gets throwback points for respecting where he went to school. On top of that any time I see an Arizona jersey it reminds me of the days of Mike Bibby, Miles Simon, and AJ Bramlett.

Chris Webber Bullets Jersey

This is my boy Ken rocking a Washington Bullets Chris Webber jersey. One of the most common Hoopster jerseys that you’ll see is the Chris Webber Golden State Warriors. That was the team that he first played for. Ken scores major Hoopster points by going against the grain and going with the second team that Webber played for. After a rookie campaign in which Webber gave the Warriors 17 ppg and 9 boards they thought that it would be a good idea to get rid of him. Think about it, how high could the ceiling really be on a number one overall pick who came into the NBA and instantly became a force? To the Warriors not very high because they traded him to the Bullets for the following: Tom Gugliotta, a 1996 1st round draft pick which became Todd Fuller, a 1998 1st round draft pick which became Vince Carter, and a 2000 1st round draft pick which became Chris Mihm. Gug’s and Vincesanity are nice but give me Webber over all of that. Not winning an NBA championship might hurt his chances but I think that Webber is a Hall of Famer.

Michael Jordan Gold All Star Jersey

This is a Michael Jordan Gold Olympic jersey that we’ll add to the list of random Jordan jerseys we’ve got. I’d never seen one of these before and I kind of like it. It’s like you are wearing a blinged up jersey while also supporting the U-S of A!

Bobby Jackson Kings Jersey

This Bobby Jackson Sacramento Kings jersey was the first jersey that I came across at Lollapalooza. When I saw this I knew that it was going to be a good day because this is a spectacular jersey. Bobby Jackson was more than serviceable but never good enough to come close to making an All Star team. That’s a perfect combination for a Hoopster jersey. This is the only Bobby Jackson jersey that I’ve ever seen so props for that as well.

Here’s some random stuff about Bobby Jackson: he was traded with Greg Ostertag from the Sacramento Kings for Bonzi Wells. If a portion of your life includes Bonzi Wells somehow then you know that you’ve done a good job. Jackson made over $36 million for his career while averaging 9.7 ppg and not much else. How very Allan Houston of him.

Birdman Anderson Nuggets Jersey

I have a special place in my heart for Chris “Birdman” Andresen. Who doesn’t love an NBA player that was suspended for violating the NBA’s drug policy when that policy doesn’t include smoking weed? Just looking at Birdman tells you pretty much everything you want to know about the guy and why fans love him so much. He’s pretty much the opposite of every Bill Belichick interview.

Mike Bibby Grizzlies jersey Front Mike Bibby Grizzlies jersey Back

This Vancouver Grizzlies Mike Bibby jersey is one of the best of day one. Because Mike Bibby is 59 years old people often forget that he used to be a very good player. He was the second overall pick in the 98′ draft behind none other than the Candy Man Michael Olowokandi. Here’s some of the teammates that Bibby had in Vancouver: Big Country Reeves, Cherokee Parks, Felipe Lopez, Michael Dickerson (fellow Wildcat), Makhtar N’Diaye (not to be confused with Mamadou N’Diaye), and Stromile Swift. Barf.

Mike Bibby has made over $107 million over his NBA career and his brother in law is “high energy come off the bench and nail a three pointer guy” Eddie House.

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