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Terribly Awesome Beer: Red Dog

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red-dog-beerHappy Thirsty Thursday Baconators! To keep things going in our tribute to Terribly Awesome Beers, next on our list is Red Dog. The bold yet smooth and easy to drink (so they say) Red Dog beer was first introduced in 1994. The two barley malts and five variety hops brew is a fine beverage brought to you by Miller Coors.

The thing I love most about Red Dog is of course the dog. He was super chill and made fun of other dogs for “yipping-and-yapping” and making fools out of themselves for a pat on the head and a biscuit.

The beer itself wasn’t even red and only had an ABV of 4.8%. Red Dog was marketed as a “premium beer” under the Plank Road Brewery along with Icehouse. It was intended for those folks who didn’t have enough to splurge on the High Life but didn’t want to drink Milwaukee’s Best aka “the Beast.” Apparently it’s making a comeback and can be found at a Piggly Wiggly or Walmart the deeper south you go.

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