Which Slim Thug Tweets about Dwight Howard are real?

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slim-thug-dwight-howardHouston based rapper Slim Thug recently attempted to recruit Dwight Howard to join the Rockets via Twitter. If you aren’t familiar with the work of Mr. Slim Thug, here is one of his most popular songs…he runs the streets apparently:

Slim Thug went on Twitter to tell Dwight why he should leave the Lakers and sign with James Harden’s beard. Below are 8 reasons why Houston is awesome and would be advantageous for Dwight. However, Slim Thug only tweeted four of these. The question of the century is, “What are Slim Thug’s reasons for Dwight to come to Houston?”

  1. U can be on my next track if u come to Houston @DwightHoward
  2. A bottle of rosé in a Houston club is $250 max in LA $1000 befo taxes and gratuity @DwightHoward
  3. We real out here u can buy a big ass crib for cheap ill throw u a few assist on hoes make your next move your best move G @DwightHoward
  4. We both got babymamas @DwightHoward do u know that they only get 20% in Houston it’s wayyyy worst in LA
  5. Hoes got dem big asses down here @DwightHoward
  6. @DwightHoward I can get u a Mercedes fo dirt
  7. And u can talk on the phone and text while u drive down here @DwightHoward
  8. No Tax on the millis u bout to make G @DwightHoward

I’ll give you the answers after this rare Dwight Howard three pointer that he hit last year. For his career Howard is 2 for 39 from behind the arc, which is absolutely putrid. I guess he should just stick to free throws.

Answer Key: 2,3,4,7


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