Sports Trivia: 1980’s Edition

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This week Bacon Sports Trivia goes back to a time when Michael Jackson was still black, Hulk Hogan ruled the ring, Mr. T was a serious celebrity, and men rocked great mustaches and Zubaz pants without a hint of irony. Test your skills to see how well you remember the 80’s with this 1980’s sports trivia quiz.

1. This RB, who fashionably rocked the jheri curl and Rec-Specs, holds the NFL record for most rushing yards during the 1980’s. Who is he?

2. What MLB team is the only one to win more than one World Series title in the 1980’s?

3. The Los Angeles Lakers represented the Western Conference in the NBA Finals in 8 of the 10 years of the 80’s. The other two times the Western Conference was represented in the Finals, it was done by this particular team. Who are they?

4. Who was the only WR to win the Heisman Trophy during the 1980s?

5. This NFL franchise was the only AFC team to win the Super Bowl in the 1980s. Who are they?

6. What slugger and member of the 500 HR Club is the only player to win the NL MVP Award 3 times during the 80s?

7. What NBA Hall of Famer, who played for the Denver Nuggets, scored the most points during the decade of the 1980s?

8. In 1985, this team became the lowest seeded team ever to win an NCAA basketball title. Who are they?

9. This Hall of Fame WR holds the record for most receptions (106) in season during the 1980s. It actually was the NFL record until 1992, when it was broken by Sterling Sharpe.

10. What program captured a total of 3 NCAA AP Championships during the 1980s, which is the most by any team?

The 80’s were filled with some of the most surreal sports moments. Here are two clips that people who were around back then will likely never forget (I’ll give you the answers after)

The Lions never made the Silverdome rock like this…

And potentially the biggest upset in sports history…


1. Eric Dickerson 11,226 yards
2. Los Angeles Dodgers 2 titles (1981 & 1988)
3. Houston Rockets in 1981 & 1986 (they lost to the Celtics both times)
4. Tim Brown, Notre Dame 1987
5. Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders
6. Mike Schmidt 1980, 1981 & 1986
7. Alex English with over 21,000 points
8. Villanova as an 8 seed
9. Art Monk
10. Miami Hurricanes – ’83, ’87,’89



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