Jose Canseco Pitching, Just Carmelo, and NHL Game 7’s

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this-day-in-sports-may-29-cup-checkHappy hump day Baconators. Keeping my fingers crossed for a big Game 7 win tonight for the Blackhawks. The Los Angeles Kings looked tough last night and the Indiana Pacers got a huge win last night. Wondering if the Heat are starting to feel the Heat. (In our best Bruce Buffer voice) IT’S TIME… for the Midday Cup Check!

Blowing out the Candles

  • Happy birthday Carmelo Anthony. In honor of his big day he will be the only birthday listed. We know he doesnt like to share, especially the rock.

What happened on this day in sports

  • In 1911 on this day was the first ever running of the Indy 500. Wait, they had cars in 1911? How fast could a car possibly go in 1911? 50 mph?
  • On this day in 1922, Congress ruled baseball is a sport not a business. Somebody apparently forgot to tell today’s owners that.
  • This day in 1980, Larry Bird beats out Magic Johnson to win the Rookie of the Year.
  • In 1990 Rickey Henderson stole his 893rd base, breaking Ty Cobb’s record.
  • Lastly, having a bad week, Texas Ranger Jose Canseco pitches the 8th inning in 15-1 loss to Red Sox. He gives up 3 runs on 2 hits & 3 walks and damages his arm in the process.

Totally Random Awesome Sports Video

Today we have Jose Canseco pitching that 8th inning gem.

Sports Trivia- Game 7 Edition (answers below)

  1. This player scored the game winner in overtime for the Bruins in the first round of this years playoffs after his team was trailing 4-1 vs the Maple Leafs.
  2. In 1997 with the New York Rangers, he scored the game winning goal in the Stanley Cup Finals against Vancouver.
  3. A fan favorite who was mentioned in Swingers, this player scored 2 goals in Game 7 to lead his San Jose Sharks against the Flames in the 2008 quarterfinals.
  4. This Philadelphia Flyers goalie stopped 40 shots against the Edmonton Oilers in the 1987 Stanley Cup Final but still lost the game.
  5. In 1997, this goalie stopped 38 of 41 shots to lead his Edmonton Oilers to victory in Game 7 against Brett Hull and the Stars. He also had a well known nickname.

Two Balls and One Strike

Two of the stats/facts below are true and one of them is completely made up. Which one is not true? (answers at bottom of page)

  1. The Indiana Pacers ranked 2nd this past NBA season in points given up per game with 91.00.
  2. During the regular season, the Miami Heat lead the league in 3pt shooting percentage with 38.9%.
  3. Manu Ginobili averaged 40% from 3pt range in the 2012 season.

Bacon Love


Could the world get any better? Fully cooked bacon, to go. Anytime, any place. Thank you Jesus!!!

Sports Trivia Answers

  1. Patrice Bergeron
  2. Mark Messier
  3. Jeremy Roenick
  4. Ron Hextall
  5. Curtis Joseph

Two Balls One Strike Answer

Number 2 was incorrect, the Miami Heat did not lead the league, they were second in the league in 3 point %.