What do you do when you are watching the worst game possible?

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white-sox-jerseysThis past Sunday I actually paid $30 to watch the Chicago White Sox take on the Kansas City Royals. A matchup between two teams that are as exciting as an episode of ABC’s Splash. Since the action on the field was less riveting I did my best to capture all the random goodness of the jerseys that were being rocked.

I do have one issue with White Sox fans. I did not see a single Frank Thomas jersey. For someone who was probably the best player in franchise history combined with the pile of garbage that they are trotting on the field right now, I would have expected to see Big Hurt jerseys everywhere. Major Fail White Sox fans. Think about this when you see some of the jerseys that people were actually rocking instead of Thomas.


Nothing like starting things off with a Joe Crede White Sox jersey. Amazingly Crede once hit 30 home runs in a season. Unfortunately for White Sox fans he followed it up by hitting .216 with 4 dingers in 47 games.


Apparently the new trend is to rock hockey jerseys of Canadian teams at baseball games. For the 99.9% of you who have no clue who this is, this is an Alexander Burmistrov Winnipeg Jets jersey. Burmistrov was the 8th overall pick in the 2010 NHL draft.


Big fan of this Bobby Thigpen jersey.


Carlos Quentin’s career peaked with the White Sox so I get why this dude is still rocking his shirzy. However, Quentin was no Frank Thomas and is now on the Padres so at some point you’ve got to retire this bad boy (and by retire I mean throw it in the trash).


You know football is right around the corner when you see someone rocking an Eli Manning jersey.


At first I thought that this was a Pedro Cerrano jersey. Getting a White Sox version of a movie character that played for a rival team would be pretty epic. Then I looked it up and Pedro Cerrano’s last name is spelled differently and he wore number 13. Lame. This jersey is no longer interesting.


No joke, other than AJ Pierzynski jerseys, Scott Podsednik was the most represented jersey at the stadium. This says everything that you need to know about the current state of White Sox fandom. In case you were wondering, Podsednik hit 12 career home runs over four seasons with the Sox.


Say hello to the best White Sox jersey that anyone could rock. A Bo Jackson old school throwback. Ball so hard my friend.


I always thought that Harold Baines was a big time power hitter but that’s not really the case. Only 3 times in 22 seasons did he hit 25+ home runs.


An oldie but goodie.


A pink AJ Pierzynski jersey. This seems about right if you ask North Siders.


Clark Griswold makes his token appearance at a Chicago sporting event.


John Danks career numbers with the White Sox: 59-68, 4.16 EA. No way I’m buying and rocking his jersey.


This would have been way cooler if it were a Ray Ordonez jersey.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t see any Black Jack McDowell, Wilson Alvarez, Alex Fernandez, or Jermaine Dye jerseys. I guess it’s more fun to wear jerseys of guys who aren’t good or are no longer on the team.


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