Random Jerseys from the weekend plus win a Tecmo Bowl shirt for Thursday Jerzday

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random-jersey-frontBacon Sports is the number one destination for all your random jersey and hoopster needs. We asked for you to send in any random jersey sightings that you saw over the last week and Bacon Nation definitely came through.

We want to give back and thank you for being part of Bacon Sports and for sending in random jersey pics. That’s why we are starting Thursday Jerzday. Every Thursday we will be giving away one of our custom Bacon Sports Tecmo Bowl t-shirts to whoever sends in the best random jersey picture from the previous week. bacon sports tecmo bowl shirtIf you need a refresher on what we are looking for with the random jerseys then check out our Hoopster Manifesto. We are sports junkies that take pride in the fact that we know the most random of players so the winner of Thursday Jerzday most certainly won’t be a mainstream jersey. Take this into consideration as sending us someone rocking a Chris Paul jersey won’t cut it.

What we will take into consideration on top of the name on the back of the jersey, however, is where it was taken. Typically a JR Smith Knicks jersey wouldn’t do much for us but if you captured it being rocked at a wedding. Well that’s a different story.

When you send in your random jersey sightings make sure to tweet us @BaconSports and use #randomjersey or email us at

We’ll also be doing two other contests pertaining to random jerseys. For all the Hoopsters out there we’ll be doing a “Hoopster Jersey of the Summer” contest which will be awarded to the best random NBA jersey that is captured. This will include all NBA jerseys that were sent in so far this year and run through Sept 30. We are still working on what the prize will be for that so we’ll keep you posted.

The granddaddy award of them all is the “Jersey of the Year” contest (we are working on the name) which will include all categories of jerseys (custom, hoopster, all sports, etc) that were sent to us over 2013. This is the best of the best and we will culminate with one jersey being declared the best of the year and being enshrined in our first ever Jersey Hall of Fame. We are still working on prizes for this as well and will update you as we figure it out. (Note: If you are a company that is interested in sponsoring our jersey contests then hit us up at

Without further ado, here’s the random jerseys that were sent in this weekend. I give it a rating of 95 out of 100. Yinz crushed it!


You know people are itching for football when Caleb Hanie jerseys are roaming the streets. And you thought that Jay Cutler in the clutch was gross.

Shout out to @Zack_Pearson for this sighting.


Jeremy spoke in class today. He said that your Eddie Vedder Cubs jersey was awesome.

Shout out to Ryan Mackman for this sighting.


Outside of Pittsburgh most people probably don’t know who this jersey is. It’s Brad Eldred, the one time Minor League Player of the Year for the Buccos who’s major league career was as successful as Magic Johnson’s talk show career. His lack of progress is just one of the many examples of why the Pirates haven’t had a winning season in 20 years.

Shout out to Ben Bartilson for this sighting.


WALK OFF! This Brett Favre Cubs jersey was so unbelievable that we did an entire article on it.

Shout out to Victor Marinier for this sighting.


Remember when Esteban Loaiza went 21-9 that one season? Ya, that wasn’t with the Pirates. That was with the White Sox. With the Buccos he was just a shade under a .500 pitcher. That plus the fact that he last played for the Pirates in 1998 tells you everything you need to know about this jersey.

Shout out to Rob Judge for this sighting.


Magic Johnson Team USA jersey. Normally Magic wouldn’t make the cut but it’s a team USA jersey and we are still feeling patriotic from the 4th.

Shout out to our resident unicorn Taina Molina for this sighting.


This Sammy Sosa Cubs jersey is nothing special. What is special is the lettering on the name plate (it looks bootleg) plus this guy looks like he is walking a straight line for a sobriety test. Toss in the fact that this was spotted at Paw Sox game (Pawtucket Red Sox) and this guys cords are darker than Sammy Sosa is now and we’ll let it slide.

Shout out to @RobLoweSports for this sighting.


The Jamal Mashburn Mavericks jersey Hall of Fame. It’s in a class of its own.

Shout out to @BernacK6 for this sighting.


Want to get your son to the NBA as fast as possible? Have him put on an Allan Houston Knicks jersey and shoot ever time he gets the ball. Assists, rebounds, and passing are for fools.

Shout out to John Upton for this sighting.


Clyde the Glide taking in a game at PNC. You won’t see many Clyde Drexler Blazers jerseys because he was about 1% as cool as Michael Jordan.

Shout out to @Tarbetto for this sighting.


I see your Caleb Hanie jersey and I raise you an Erik Kramer Bears jersey. Bonus points for the name plate looking like a Nerf Turbo after you leave it in the rain.

Shout out to Trey Kalny for this sighting.

We’ve got two non-random jersey entries that are worth mentioning.


@ChaseDawg tweeted us saying that he’d love to see what random jersey this guy would wear. He looks like a Dale Jr or Dwayne Schintzius kinda guy.


Greg Harrell got these cards at a flea market and they are beyond spectacular. Just for future reference, if you want to get something posted on the site make sure it includes the Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart, Joey Belle (not Albert), Chris Sabo rocking rec specs (as if there are any pictures out there without them), and Manute Bol.


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